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Hat Thought's: Hatred removed from Steam Greenlight


Hatred, the controversial ultra violent game about killing people for no reason, came back to the spotlight after being removed from Steam Greenlight. By the time of removal the game had received more than 13,000 votes, witch is a lot.

You can read the details here. Right now, i'm worried about two things.


Valve's decision

I'm kinda of neutral here. On one hand, this is not the best game to have your brand associated with, even games like Postal and Manhunt are not fully sold by Steam. I respect their decision as a company, but it begs the question: Can they do it? Should they?

The obvious answer is yes, they can. But this is just pointless. People play whatever they want, and those who want to play this game will play it, only now they won't have it installed by Steam. I totally understand Valve, they don't want a PR scandal, but still, where does the freedom of speech goes? Why not just stamp a PG-18 and sell the damn game?

Don't get me wrong, the game has a interesting noir visual, and i kinda of like the isometric shooting style. What i don't like, is the setting. As you know, in Hatred you kill for the sake of killing. It's not even cops or terrorists, it's defenseless people. And no way in hell i can find that enjoyable. You can see for yourself on the trailer down here.


Pretty damn disturbing. One could argue that this is Valve doing quality control, but c'mon, i've seen games far worse being greenlit for less (BoneTown? Are you kidding me?).

Now, for the next order of business:


The industry don't need this kind of game

Not that any kind of medium should display this kind of content, and no one can deny that there IS a public for this kind of thing. But there's a difference between the GTA violence, that is until a certain level optional (you go around on a rampage if you want) to the one featured in Hatred. It's not the main goal, it's a thing you can do.

I know many people will find this game fun (13,000 at least), but our medium is still too young when compared to comics and movies. There's already enough trouble caused by other games, we don't need another game that is a candidate to show on the next "Mass murdered influenced by videogames" type of news. If you want a top down shooter, look somewhere else. Unless you want to play it. In this case, go ahead. You're free to play whatever you want, and nobody should judge you for that. This is still just a game, a fantasy, and as long as people keep that in mind, there should be no harm done to no one. But you might wanna do it hidden, people can and most likely will judge you, after all, society has it's own vision of what is morally accepted.

Seeing this game makes me sad. I guess i'll look for my top down shooter with Noir style somewhere else. What about you? Would you play it? Is Valve being hypocrite? Go ahead and talk. You're free to do so.


Hat Thought's is a column where i will give my honest opinion about stuff, usually related to the gaming industry. 

- Wine, videogames and top hats.

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