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Redesigning the 3DS

You know it's coming. Probably not this year, but I'd bet my bottom dollar that in 2013 we will see a newly designed 3DS hit the market. Given Nintendo's track record for releasing updated versions of the same hardware and given that they...


The introductory blog

Hello everyone, my name is Dallas and I'm 34 from the Chattanooga area. I'll be clear on this from the start so everyone will know where I stand on the issue, despite this particular blog being Nintendo focused I love everything about gami...


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Hello everyone, my name is Dallas and I'm 34 from the Chattanooga area. I've been a gamer for over 30 years now. I have, at one time or another, owned every single console that has come out with the exception of an Atari. I had an Intellivision "because it was cheaper". I've been around Dtoid before, in another form, but for some reason or another it would not allow me back in to my old account so I've made this one which is fine with me because I wanted a fresh start and to narrow down my focus anyway. I'm married, we were a high school couple that went our separate ways and ended up back together. She's now a little disabled thanks to a stroke in 2010. Speaking of that, my "job" is being her caretaker though she can pretty well do most things for herself. Before her stroke, I worked for UPS. I have also written reviews for various websites at one time or another, some of which have disappeared into that great internet void. I am always looking for paying writing gigs that allow me to work from home so if anyone knows of any just point me to the person I need to speak with.

What I'm playing:
* Mario Kart 7 (online often)
* Freaky Forms
* Mutant Mudds
* 9 hours, 9 persons, 9 doors


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