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About NintenDoodone of us since 2:59 PM on 08.24.2009

A great philosophical mind of the 21st century.
Segata Sanshiro's long-forgotten son.
Someone with way too much time.

None of those describes me (Except the last one, probably), but I guess you'd want to know about me.

I'm NintenDood, or Brad if you're so inclined. I'm 17, and I started gaming when I was four. I'd say my parents started me on gaming well when they got me a Saturn with Panzer Dragoon 1 & 2. I like collecting older games, and enjoy playing them even more. I'll play any game once, but I really enjoy awesomely weird Japanese games. Noby Noby Boy? Katamari? DEADLY PREMONITION? I'm all for those kinds of games, so don't let me down Japan!

Add me on your system of choice's friends list! My Steam, PSN, and XBL GT is NintenDood. As for Wii, I don't know what the hell my number is, so don't even bother asking ^_^.