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A crash course in STALKING.

What is STALKER? If you are here, I'm assuming you know. But to those who don't, it's a first person shooter/survival-horror/rpg, that takes place in a wasteland called the Zone. Anyways, I'll leave a synopsis if I ever get around to revi...


Why Diablo 3 is still meh

Diablo 3. The amount of times I've heard that name uttered with pure disgust and hatred throughout the last few years/months/weeks/days is somewhere between thousands and hundreds of thousands, partially from my own mouth.  When the word ...


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Hello, I'm Ninjamoose and video games are my drug of choice.

I'm a guy who's going to dedicate the next god knows how long to writing about games, just like everyone else.

I'll probably focus on F2P or cheap indie games, since I'm a poor bastard.

Does anyone read this anyways?

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