DeS: Why Destiny 2 is failing as an esport

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Tribes Ascend: Back from the dead?

 Yesterday marked the first update of Tribes Ascend in two years. I grew up on a few different games, being a youngin' and all, specifically Mechwarrior 2/3/4, and Tribes 2. I remember seeing Tribes ascend a few years ago and...


SanctuaryRPG, the game I almost missed

When was the last time you had a game you just couldn't stop thinking about? I saw it on Steam for around 7 bucks, saw it had "Overwhelmingly positive" reviews, and thought 'What the hell. Why not.' It's by far the best 7 bucks I've spent...


What makes a Rogue-like? A rambling rant

This "genre", Rogue-like, has hit an all time high. It's been reduced to any game that's a little bit difficult. And this makes me irrationally mad. My rage boiled over today, while watching a guy stream Nuclear Throne, a game I've taken a...


A crash course in STALKING.

What is STALKER? If you are here, I'm assuming you know. But to those who don't, it's a first person shooter/survival-horror/rpg, that takes place in a wasteland called the Zone. Anyways, I'll leave a synopsis if I ever get around to revi...


Why Diablo 3 is still meh

Diablo 3. The amount of times I've heard that name uttered with pure disgust and hatred throughout the last few years/months/weeks/days is somewhere between thousands and hundreds of thousands, partially from my own mouth.  When the word ...


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