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Ninja Cameraman

Blog of Scrumtralecent Shinyness

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A Writer's Cinderella Story

I'm pretty sure most of you out there do not know me, i'm not that active on the D-toid blogs and I have been to the forums like once. I love this site and enjoy the content daily but I do so from a PS3 so it's kinda impossible to blog freq...


I'm Good...

Yet it still comes off as evil sometimes... WARNING MINOR PLOT SPOILERS FOR MASS EFFECT IN THIS BLOG For the two of you who read my InFamous moral choice blog, I posted a sister version of the blog on Gametrailers where a nice guy named Sha...


I'm Evil...

Today I pulled off one of the more evil acts I have ever done in a game today. Not some random event of blowing up a planet or slaughtering a group of innocent civlians with a bad-ass weapon, this time it got personal. A journalist I foll...


In Memoriam: EGM

I rarely write a blog on a impulse and get it out within the same hour but I feel this sad news deserves some attention As you've seen on the front page, UGO has bought out and EGM, and in the process laid off half the 1UP staff an...


About Ninja Cameramanone of us since 8:42 PM on 12.28.2008

Hi, I'm Ninja

I am a gamer who likes to write, and I have a desire to be a paid reviewer one of these days, I try to keep a updated blog on Gametrailers so whenever I do a long clean review expect me to post it here as well

I am also a machinima fan who is currently try to get some made

Oh, and HUGE sci-fi dork

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