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A Non-Introduction

I am nothing more than a gamer saying hello, I have lurked in the darker recesses of Destructoid for some time now leaving nothing more than a few spare comments. Bored at work today I decided it was time to say hello and start a blog thin...


About Nincompooperyone of us since 9:11 AM on 02.05.2007

I'm generally a nincompoop and by most standards an asshole. I'm too old to give a shit if I offend or hurt anyone's feelings.

I play video games, drink beer, spend time with my family and play video games.

Currently Playing:

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (360)
Pokemon Diamond
Rock Band (360)
World of Warcrack (AGAIN)

"Don't take life so seriously it isn't permanent."

Side Note: My former Gamer Tag for Xbox Live was "Nincompoopery" however MS screwed up with the regional setting edit options so I was forced to create a new gamer tag to be able to download songs for Rock Band. It's a long story and nobody gives a shit so as of March 2008 I am now ZOMBIE ZEALOT!