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Isaac's Journal

Isaac's Journal

Entry 1.

I don't know how much time has passed. There is no sign of light above me, indicating the opening I used to escape my mother...The air down here is very still. Finding an exit might be difficult, if that is still my goal. There is something smeared across the floor in this room, what looks like directions or a map, but on closer inspection it appears to be gibberish. Did I write this? Perhaps I have always been here. I am starting to forget.


Entry 2.

With no way to tell time, it is impossible to say how long it took me to go through the first door. At least my sense of direction remains intact, which tells me I am heading south. There is fecal matter much too large to belong to the four grubs crawling around, which is slightly unsettling. What worries me even more, though, is the fact I can not smell it. This tells me I have been here for so long I am accustomed to such smells...


Entry 3.

The horrific thing in the middle of the next room hadn't seen me, although missing eyes, logic dictates that I would be safe. Not here. Somehow I know it is watching me, and when I inevitably free it from its rotten prison it will come after me. I have no choice - the exits are sealed. Confrontation is the only way forward. I am terrified, but the creature looks vaguely familiar. I can't quite place it, but it is akin to looking into a hellish funhouse mirror. Crying ever harder with each minute, I prepare to face the nightmarish abomination head on.


Entry 4.

I am getting stronger, although I now know this is no nightmare. Pain is very real in this place - even the flies are a menace to be feared, one having bitten a solid portion off my left ear. I managed to drown it, the bite causing a surge of tears which doomed the fly before it could lay eggs under my skin. I've been rewarded by a room of respite, along with a familiar surface artifact emerging from the ground. It is the first thing I have felt I could safely touch, and while empowering me with confidence, it still felt as cold and metallic as the golden door giving off a false warm glow.


Entry 5.

There seems to be no escape this way, so I have started to dig my out. Most of the obstructions are solid rock, and I have but one explosive, my only choice is to go straight through the grotesque piles of waste. I have hit a wall on all tries. I did manage to find some strength behind one pile, but my moment of happiness gave way to a cruel realization - The stronger I am, the longer I am here. I have not pressed on yet, this dark thought has occupied my mind for quite some time now. The shadow of death is closer. And brighter.


Entry 6.

A hideous creature has confined me in with it. Larger than anything I have so far seen, there appears to be no way out of this room other than the way I came in. Having searched everywhere for an exit, I keep my distance, studying this fly infested horror's habits. It seems to be in the habit of destroying me. Deep down, I have found I have still have the will to live. I better move quickly, this seems to be the source of the monstrous flies riddling all these rooms. Soon, I might not have space to stand in if it keeps up this pace. Escape will have to be a second priority to ending this things reign of this awful place. End it I shall...but how?


Entry 7.

Remembering the artifact I had picked up gave me a glimmer of hope. How could I use it in my favour? It looked incredibly dangerous, I was worried about harming myself, but figured that would be more merciful than death at the abominations twisted, relentless onslaught. Focusing all my energy, I felt the object gather more power around it. I managed to stop crying even, if only for a few seconds, while it unleashed a massive burst of energy right into my enemy. It was so bright, perhaps the brightest thing I had seen, my eyes now are only beginning to readjust to the gloomy unlit basement. Just a couple of stray flies to clean up now, and I can begin to think of how to get out of this place with no doors leading anywhere but into the same rooms I have already traversed.


Final Entry.

Alone again. There is not even a corpse left to remind me something once had some sort of semblance of life. A hatch in the floor has appeared, although its destination is engulfed in pure blackness. Tossing a rock and listening for the impact has failed, the only sound coming from the opening is a faint wail that oscillates between impossible pitches. All other options exhausted, it seems to get up and out I must travel even deeper. It is hard to believe there is anything below where I am now, yet something tells me I am only scratching the surface. Here I leave my journal, before it gets lost in the darkness, but if you are reading it it's probably too late for you as well. You will do well to remember you were not the first, and most likely not the last. I have left you some idols of strength, drink the contents of these heart-shaped containers and you may feel your strength slowly return. With no rope or other means of a slow descent, I have chosen to jump into the abyss in hope that it will lead me to a better place. I wish the same thing for you as well, should you choose to follow my path.

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