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Addressing Complaints Over Vader and Yoda in Soul Calibur IV

Today's big news from CES has to be the inclusion of Darth Vader and Yoda in Soul Calibur IV. It was completely unexepected, and for the Star Wars geek in me, it got me insanely excited.

It sucks that the characters will be console exclusive from the get-go, but get out a pen and paper, write down the date, the time, and the following: Six months after this game releases, Vader and Yoda will show up as DLC on Xbox Live and PSN. End of story.

Already, though, people are complaining. They've seen the pictures and watched the CES trailer, and they're not happy. The two biggest complaints I've heard are:

Why doesn't Vader's lightsbaer cut through Mitsurugi's sword?!?! Were you expecting more? That would've totally broken the game, idiots. Look, you're not going to get something perfectly lined up with the way things work in the Star Wars galaxy. Otherwise, Vader and Yoda should be able to dispatch everyone without so much as lifting a finger, and there's no reason to play SCIV. It's an arcade-style fighter, meaning there are arcade-style characters. Don't expect something like The Force Unleashed that simulates how a lightsaber really works.

Vader and Yoda don't fit into the story!!!! Did Link, Spawn or Heihachi really fit in? Not exactly. Namco made storylines for them, ranging from the simple to the stupid. I don't think they're even going to bother trying to explain this. They will most likely just incorporate them in as characters who won't have a story mode and characters you won't meet in story mode, which removes the need for them to have a story of their own.

But seriously, guys, don't get so uppity about this just yet. There's no need to crap all over it until we've seen these two more in action or until we know if Namco is going to try and incorporate them in with some kind of hair-brained story, but for now, just sit back, relax, and enjoy the fact that we'll get to play as Star Wars characters in a fighting game that (hopefully) won't suck.

Also, it's an excuse to post this funny video:

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