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A random assortment of things you were not privy to about this Neon Tiger

Well, it's almost the end of the day, and being stuck here at work, I haven't had the time to read everyone's lists yet, much less write my own. At least for the latter, I'll try to give you a few things you might not know about me, and maybe a few surprises:

1.) I bought my way to a Wii on launch day. True story. I was at the only place in town that had more than two, Wal-Mart, but I had gotten there at 2:45 p.m., fifteen minutes before the line was supposed to start. Sadly, they didn't do a good job of keeping the line from forming, and by 3 p.m., 21 people had gotten in line in front of me. There were only 20 Wiis. I wasn't getting one, apparently. That was, until one guy said he was selling a spot he'd been saving in line for $25. I beat some other guy to my wallet and jumped from 22nd in line to 6th. Needless to say, I got my Wii and was one of the first people at my college to have one for quite some time.

2.) I once had anger issues. This is one of the things I don't really talk about, but I used to be a powder keg, thanks to years of emotional abuse by classmates. Eventually, I changed schools when my parents moved us out to the countryside, went through anger management, and now am in complete control of any anger I may have about anything. I can kind of turn it off and on now, like a light switch. Fun, isn't it?

3.) I have been a Cammy fan since Day One. Nintendo Power, Volume 62, July 1994. I was 8, and that was the first time I saw Cammy on NP's big cover story about Super Street Fighter II Turbo. Sure, I was young then, but i remember thinking she was pretty cute. And on that day, the little gears were set in motion that would lead me to becoming the fan of Cammy I am today.

4.) Chad Concelmo put my ass in this seat. Once many moons ago, Chad and I (and a few other people like Atlas) blogged over at IGN on their crazy system, where I hekld one of the top-read and top-rated blogs for over a year. It wasn't until Chad posted a blog about heading over to Destructoid to write for them that I really found out about this little place. Of course, blogging and being a community member full-time came a lot later, but I always consider that the day I became a Dtoider for life.

5.) I have a hyperactive imagination that comes up with many ideas. My imagination is always running, always coming up with new ideas for games, stories and a lot of other things. I don't always have the time to act on them, but many of my ideas seek to change conventions or cliches by completely destroying them. I've never been a huge fan of having to stick to the norms, anyways.

6.) I own every Nintendo console made since 1985. NES, Super NES, all the flavors of the Game Boy universe, N64, Virtual Boy, DS, Wii... I have the whole line, and I'm working on getting a Famicom, Game and Watch and maybe one day, a Punch-Out! arcade cabinet. That would be nice. I also own a Power Glove, and it is bad. I do not yet own a ROB, though, but I plan on purchasing one in the near future when I have a bit more money.

7.) Including freeware PC titles, my gaming collection tops 1,200 titles. I have almost 650 games across some 21 consoles and handhelds, not including what I have on Steam and on my PC. They range from the Xbox 360 and Wii to the Nintendo 64 to the Wonderswan Color. No, I haven't played them all yet, but I plan to eventually. I've been collecting them since I first started gaming almost 20 years ago, and the collection today fills at least six large Rubbermaid containers. I am likely going to need a seventh container by the end of June. The thing I am most proud of hunting down is an Atari Pong console from 1975, which I bought at a garage sale last summer for only $5.

8.) I collect those freeware titles in an attempt to create a working archive of gaming history. I've found out that a lot of games, especially those on the PC, become harder and hard to find as time goes on simply because they become lost or forgotten about. Others exist only as shareware or are actually cleverly disguised viruses. My goal is to try and create a working archive of these games so that history doesn't become lost. Plus, I get to count them in my growing collection, so it's win-win.

9.) I know how to play taiko drums for real. I was a found member of the taiko group at Bowling Green two years ago and participated the entire time I was there. To be honest, it's not at all like Taiko Drum Master, which isn't a big surprise, since that was just an arcade music game. However, I want to start playing again and would be doing so if it weren't for my current work schedule, as there is a group nearby in Oberlin.

10.) I am a geography know-it-all. I went to the National Geography Bee State Finals twice and would have gone a third time if I hadn't changed school districts my 8th grade year. I even considered majoring in geography in college for quite some time before I changed my mind and went with journalism to use my writing skills. I also used to be able to tell you all of the countires in the world and their capitals, but due to a lack of practice, I can't do this anymore. But I can still get most of them.

11.) I stopped looking for a girlfriend a while ago and things have never been better. This used to cause me a lot of stress, but since I stopped worrying myself over it, I don't have stress related problems except when I'm at work and something goes to hell. It's actually really nice, being someone who always used to worry about every little thing. Try it sometime.

12.) I want to be an author. I might be a journalist right now, but that's because I was too scared of failing as an author and not having a back-up plan to fall on. Now, it's the opposite, because I really would like to write. I have a few ideas for gaming-related books, but until I can somehow get interviews with some very important industry people, they aren't going to happen. I'll give you a hint, though: one of the ideas is about Sega.

13.) I love guinea pigs. I had one as a pet when I was younger, and later one when I was in college. They are the kindest, cuddliest little creatures, and if I wasn't unsure if I was allergic to them, I might have one right now. I also like anything guinea pig-related, as I have a guinea pig puppet. I shit you not.

I'll have to do this again some time. It was really fun. :D
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