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The Call: A Lovecraftian Werewolf Game!


Welcome, doomed souls, to the weirdest game of Werewolf ever played!

Not only is this my first game of Werewolf - EVER - I will be moderating the shit out of it in the Destructoid Forums, with heavily modified rules. Once again, you guys have been my lifesaver, since I've been having an absolute blast writing for this over the past week.

For those of you who wish to know the progress of the game, but dare not tread into the Basement, I'll be posting the narration bits and behind-the-scenes fun facts here for you to enjoy. If you're interested in playing with us, head on down and say you want in before THIS coming Saturday. The player cap for now is 20, though I'm willing to run it for any and all that join! But beware: your gruesome and miserable fate may be at hand, long before the game ends.

This is your last chance to escape. Don't sit there staring, just turn and run. Go, flee!

Still here? Well then you're gonna wanna hold on to your butts for this. Don't say I didn't warn you.


There are THREE factions; The Townspeople (or classic villagers), The Cult of Nierolythalulzalhapewpewpew (not-so classic werewolves) terrorizing them, and The Investigation Team (a new, independent party).

The game is set in an unspecified town in Lovecraft Country. In this town, people are being sacrificed nightly by a secret cult.

There are open Gateways in the town that are about to unleash an ancient and terrible evil onto the world.

A harcore team of paranormal investigators is sent there to close them. The cult, working to release the evil being, resides in the town, disguised as townspeople. Since their dark plan is close to fruition, they will do everything in their power to stop them.

The townspeople, paranoid and on the brink of insanity, have resorted to lynching those suspected to be cultists. If they can successfully hang all of the cultists... they still lose the game, because the Gateways will eventually release a Dark God that will destroy them all, along with the world at-large.

This is where the investigation team is crucial. While they may help the townspeople weed out the cultists, their primary focus is in finding and closing all of the Gateways, fighting off the cultists as they do so. If they successfully close all of the Gateways, they may continue to help kill the rest of the cultists. Or they could call it a Day and get the hell out of dodge. Either way, the human race will continue to exist, unworthy as it is.

So, to recap: Good Guys win if all Bad Guys are dead and/or all but one Gateway is closed. Bad Guys win if everyone else is dead and/or there's MORE than one Gateway left open that can't be closed. If ALL the Gateways are closed, the game will continue until either the Villager or the Werewolf faction is left standing.

It's much trickier than a regular Werewolf game, I know. But hopefully, that'll all be part of the fun!

Here are the roles that players will be randomly given:


Townsperson (villager) - You're mad as hell, and you aren't gonna take it anymore! Take the town back by nominating people who might be a werewolf, or let the team help weed them out if they have chosen to. WIN, by killing all werewolves.

Dark One (werewolf) - The wretched spawn of an Ancient unknown, in the guise of a Townsperson. As leaders of the cult, your primary goal is to keep the gateways open, in order for your creator to awaken and reclaim this pathetic world. You can act on your own and/or give the Acolytes orders at night. Attacking anyone but Occultists will make the victim go insane, instead of killing them. However, your powers are increased at gates, allowing you to kill there. You WIN, if at least TWO gateways are left open and CANNOT be closed.

Acolyte (werewolf) - A Townsperson who moonlights as a demented, crazy-pants cultist. If a Dark One orders you to kill someone or standby at a gate, you must do it. Otherwise, you sleep normally. WIN, by killing all Team members and/or villagers.

Deputy (villager) - You've found a gun, and you'll probably use it, either on someone you think is a cultist, or on yourself to escape this madness!

Necronomicon (villager) - You bear the unholy Book of the Dead. How in the hell did that happen? If protected by a Team member, the team can automatically close a gate at night, regardless of who's there. If killed by an Acolyte, werewolves can re-open a gate.

Potential (villager) - You show signs of great intuition, skill, ...and carnage. If you can guess the eccentricity of a Team member, you will be added to that role on the team! Guess the eccentricity of a werewolf, you will become one. But the werewolves also see you, and they can turn you into one of them at their discretion on Night 3 or later.

Dreamer (villager) - You have a great power that you scarcely understand. It may save you and the town, or be your undoing. It allows you to pinpoint where a gateway is without the Team using an Investigator, and close one without the Team using an Occultist. Your horrific, nightly visions may give you clues as to who a Dark One is. However, time is of the essence, as you already feel your mind slipping away...

Investigator (team) - Applying the skills from your previous profession, you take the time to figure out where gateways are, or deduce who Acolytes are from their murders. You can use your trusted method of self-defense against Acolyte attacks only once before they know all the tricks you have up your sleeve. You'll also be able to close gateways yourself under special conditions. WIN, by closing all gates and/or helping to kill werewolves.

Hard Case (team) - You fear no man and your facility for killing makes you a force to be reckoned with. Ethereal beings, however, are a different story. You're able to protect yourself and are likely to keep others safe from Acolyte attacks. WIN, by helping to close all gates and kill werewolves.

Occultist (team) - Your familiarity with arcane artifacts and phenomena make you the perfect choice for closing gateways and detecting who is, and is not human. You also have the means of defending yourself and others against Dark One attacks. The catch: All that time and experience spent honing your ability has left you incapable of defending against Acolytes. WIN, by closing all gates and/or helping to kill werewolves.

(condensed version is at the end)

The game consists of Day and Night phases. Typically, during the DAY, Townspeople will publicly talk to each other; trying to find quirks that tell them whether someone is a werewolf or a specific role. Also during this time, villagers in special roles may expose themselves only under certain conditions, in order to change the game up. Dreamers who wish to close a revealed gateway must PM me AND the Team members with their decision.

Team members and Townspeople that are insane cannot perform their special role actions.

Team members can get in on the conversations as well, and/or use their special role skills to try outing werewolves for the villagers to kill. Usually, a player nominated for death will give their defense as to why they shouldn't be lynched. It's entirely possible for a person to be wrongly accused of being something he's not.

In the instance of Townspeople nominating someone to hang, players simply put forward their vote on who they want to Lynch or if they want to Abstain. If more players vote to abstain than to lynch any single player, no lynching occurs. If more people want to kill a particular player than want to abstain, however, the player who receives the most votes against them is executed. In the event of a tie where all the votes to lynch are for a single player and equals all the votes to abstain, mob rule wins and lynching occurs.

Team members are not allowed to nominate, but can be nominated.
Townspeople who are insane cannot nominate.

Players can either voice their nomination in bold publicly, or PM them to me privately. Once all votes are in; the appropriate result is enacted, the Day's events are recounted, and the Night phase begins.

During the NIGHT phase, villagers will sleep, while the Werewolf and Team factions fight over Gateways. The outcome of these battles will be determined through an Encounter Chart, and depending on which roles are sent to me via PMs, the Gateway may either close or stay open.

The Werewolf and Team factions can also attack and defend, respectively, a sleeping villager or team member. The outcome for this encounter will be decided simultaneously with the Gateway encounter, or by itself if no Gateway fight occurs. After each faction's choices are sent in, and all encounters calculated, the next Day phase begins, starting with the results of the previous night's activities.


There will be a certain number of gates; only the werewolves will know how many. Team members and Werewolves battle for a gate via their choices sent to me through PMs.

The need for a map in order to find gates is eliminated by Investigators and Dreamers simply following the guidelines for their roles. Any actual named locations is just flavor text.

Team members cannot send anyone to a gate if during the Day Phase: the Investigator failed to search for one or a Dreamer didn't say where one is. Team members that are insane cannot perform their role actions.


Townspeople and Team members driven insane will recover either that night, or the following day. Dreamers, however, will stay insane under certain conditions, removing them from the game. Team members driven insane will be vulnerable to Acolyte attacks.


For certain events and conditions, Dreamers, Occultists, and Investigators must pick a number on a pre-made scale and PM it to me. If their number falls within certain digits of a random number I rolled on the scale, they stay relatively sane. The further away from the number, the less sane they become.

After successfully closing a gate, or exposing a Dark One, and/or defending against a Dark One, the scale grows. If they choose too far from my rolled number too many times, they go insane and are removed from the game.


ALL THAT broken down, will go a little something like this:

Results from the previous Night's activities are recounted:
- Defended attacks and/or deaths.
- Whether a Gateway closed or is still open.
- Those who have gone insane.

Special actions may be taken and are made public, i.e.:
- A Deputy exposing himself and shooting someone in the face.
- An Investigator being exposed by solving a murder case.
- An Occultist being exposed by revealing a Dark One.
- A Dreamer being exposed by saying where a gate is.
- A Dreamer being exposed by saying who he thinks the Dark Ones are.

A Townsperson (or Team member) will hang if the majority wills it.

- Townspeople sleep. Deputies can PM me with who they want to shoot in the face the next Day phase.
- Werewolves send an Acolyte to kill a villager or team member, or defend a gate.
- Dark Ones can also act on their own to attack someone sleeping or defend a gate.
- Only ONE werewolf can defend a gate per night.
- The Team send up to TWO of themselves for closing a gate - but only ONE if a Dreamer chooses to close a gate.
- The Team can also send ONE member to protect a villager, or protect one of their own.

(and there you have it)

So... You in? please say yes

I'm extremely grateful for the support this idea is being received, because I get to do one of the best things I ever get true fulfillment from: I get to create, using my imagination. And what better way to do that, than with my 'Net-family?

I also find it ridiculously appropriate that this is going down so close to Halloween. If I didn't know any better, I'd say the stars were aligning!

Oh, wait...


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