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Productivisms(Not That Kind)... w/ Nihil: Insert Alliteration Here

Hello again, friends and newly acquainted C-Bloggers. Come close and listen.




No, closer....


Alright back up a bit.

...You want some gum or something?


I've been doing stuff this past spring. Like, New Year's Resolution checklist-type stuff. I would say it's unprecedented, but I actually did the thing last year that I said I was going to do, which was, for me, unprecedented in more ways than one. However, this year I've already done a few things that I didn't even really plan on doing, yet shit seemed to have a way of inciting me to action, productive and otherwise.

So I guess I'll start chronologically, with the unfortunate bits. About a month and some change ago, I noticed my car was getting harder and harder to pick up speed, the day after letting my sister borrow it (one of many decisions I learned the hard way from in dealing with her). I took it into a shop I frequent and my initial quote was in the realm of $1200 just to check a problem they said was in the transmission. I didn't have the dough, so I drove it, with the thing refusing to accelerate to a decent speed so I could safely get on the freeway to work, and reeking of what I thought smelled like coolant. This went on for a good 3 or 4 weeks.

It wasn't until I brought it to my nephew, a talented auto mechanic in his own right, that the amount of green needed to patch up the car was substantially reduced. Instead of the transmission, it was a couple other engine parts that I'd never even heard of before then that needed replacing, in order to get it running safely again, at least for the time being. I went ahead and paid for the parts. She don't run as pretty as she used to, but at least she can get up hills now - which brings me to the other bad news, I'm broke as fuck, again.

As of this moment, I literally have only 14 bucks in my checking account. I thought I'd have more than that by the end of the week, but old loans still have a way of creeping up before I remember they're still there. And what this means, since I haven't bought plane tickets yet, is that my arrival at PAX this year is up in the air. I just barely registered in time to get passes for Friday and Sunday, which also means I'll either have to forgo the craziest day of the event, or like last year, pony up at the last minute for a Saturday or 3-Day pass from craigslist or somewheres. Being that there's still a couple of months for me to save up again, the prospect of getting there isn't out of the question. However, there are a couple of other factors that slim my chances (unless some great ticket deal comes along).

1. One of the (I guess?) positive actions I was spurred into by my car woes when they first began in April, was signing up for a motorcycle safety training course. Which, if passed, gets you a certificate that nets you discounts on bike insurance and gear, plus avoiding the riding portion of the DMV license test if you haven't done it already.

riding so-cal like the dirty whore it is

The safety course was only supposed to take a week. Thanks to the Universe - apparently still more than willing to shit on my honorable intentions - it took me a good month to finish and get certified. But I did finish, and now the rest of the plan must be scooted back until my next paycheck. The plan? Seems simple enough: Get licensed, get gear, trade-in car, get bike. I'll have to work out the kinks in it (and I'm sure there are plenty) as I go along, since I'm in new territory here. I'm willing to learn. I just have keep a tight grip on my pocketbook and hope my patience for it all holds out.

2. I'm still looking for a second job. And if I get one, there's no telling how getting the days off will pan out. More than likely I'll be able to get them if I have enough time ahead, but it's still something to consider, especially since I'm closing in on an interview at Costco.

So there's that. What really gets my goat is how fucked up PAX registration was this year. Obviously a record time was set, but what's that mean for future PAXs? What's that even mean for this one? It's almost suspicious how fast passes went. Is it just getting that much more popular, or are there that many more scalpers? I don't get it. I sat on my hands for a week before 3-day passes ran out last year. Now it seems you'll have to set your fucking watch to the second registration opens and then maybe, just maybe, you'll get lucky.



Back on the semi-productive side of things; I finished my community college class: Career Counseling. It's an introduction class designed to help young'ns, or those who've lost their way, find a direction through the bustle of higher education. Being that I'm neither of those, there wasn't anything groundbreaking learned. In fact, it was downright painfully boring half the time, thanks to motivational videos and redundant exercises. Out of the 8 weeks spent in the class, the most value I got out of it (besides the 2 credits that I initially took it for) came at the very end of it, when I asked our very own Occams to pose as an interviewee in the field of a potential career. As per usual, the man did not fail in providing abundant insight and good humor, coated in a candy shell shaped conspicuously like a suppository.

Don't think too hard about it.


I've been (somewhat reluctantly) borrowing my friend's Playstation 3 for the past month and playing the few games she never opened for it, but mostly trying out all the arcade demos I've been missing either recently or backlogged. Since I'd like to talk about the non-arcade titles in a separate entry, I'll just cover the trials and demos. Actually, since this post is long enough, I'll just go through a checklist instead:

Meh, Awesome Theme Music Though


Cliched Yet Decent

Pretty Awesome, Also Just Pretty

Fun As Fuck, Grab A Friend and Dig In

Umm... It's Art?


I think the Kane & Lynch: Dead Men multiplayer would be more fun than this, unless of course you like the monotony in robbing banks.

I like Cubixx HD. It's very arcadey, which is why I bother with the marketplace to begin with... To bring me back to that time when half the games you played were like this; some shapes on a screen that you moved to blow up other shapes to get a higher score/faster time. No story, no fancy cinematics, no AAA budgets. Elegance in (relative) simplicity. It warms my heart that there's still a place for these gems today.

And now I'm just dating myself.

Alright, well, that's what's been going on with me in a nutshell. Hope you all are doing well, too. Aside from the whole "being poor" thing. Later.

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