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PAXisms... Part 3: Welcome To Last Year Edition

PAX is here, and what better way to celebrate NOT being THERE, than to post the rest of my pictures and vids from Saturday and Sunday last year. I had hoped I would eventually be able to tell the rest of my story, however, I guess I should've remembered the fact that I tell most everyone who knows me: I am a shit storyteller. I'm great at making insightful or retarded commentary, but when it comes to following through with something I started, I draw big ol' blanks right in the middle of it and pretty much give up.

It's a flaw in my character (one of many) that I must apologize for. But maybe after you're done going through these pictures and videos, you can find it in yourself to forgive me for withholding them for a whole damn year.

Let's kick things off with some ANGST.


Thanks, Steezy. =D

Back at the HQ, Kraid brings the jams.

One of my favorites; either someone said something profound, or let one rip.

Couldn't be cooler if you left him in the freezer...

My antisocial ass took a little smoke break outside...

And came back to record Law giving us sweet melodies.

Achievement Unlocked: Capture A Vocal Hymen Rupturing

SUNDAY (bloody sunday)


It begins, as it should, with a song...

Jim tries his hand at break dancing...

It doesn't end well...

Tara Long...

Groin-Kicker Extraordinaire

Ali and Gobun get their tickets to ride the Pain Train. Much amusement was had.

Knut asks the hard-hitting questions...

To which Niero responds...

The rest of the staff decline to comment...

I believe progress has been made this day.

Missing Clown Baby's epic beard...

Oi, it's our favorite Jack Shadow...

I remember when these two crazy kids met at MW-NARP 2010. Now look at 'em...

Fuckin' ridiculous how cute they are. <3

And the panel winds down...


A fine back, indeed.

Om Nom joins the conversation!

When you get the chance to get homoerotic with Changston, you don't pass it up.

And that guy's totally pickin his nose. Just sayin'.

After eating pho with Chang, Jack, and Hei, I went on some more lone wolf exploring...

These guys tried to give away dumb paper hats. No one was buying, lol.

Eventually, just before my camera's battery died, I decided to take a smoke break and soak in the city for the last time...

Also, this guy looked silly...

Welp, that was pretty much my PAX last year. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's post-PAX '12 blogs. I gave the passes I bought for this year to Scott, aka CyricZ, and in return, I asked him to adopt my avatar and pick up some pins for me. Because cool kids wear pins on their jackets, or something. Anyway, ANTICIPATION!

I haven't been around much lately, 'cause life is full of bullshit and dick-kicking nonsense, but I'm hanging in there. And I have good news to post about in the near future, hopefully.

I be missin' yous guys something fierce, and PAX may not have been in the cards this year, but like I said before, I'll try my damnedest to make MAGFest.

Til then, keep shinin', you crazy diamonds.
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