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Gorramit Malisms... w/Nihil: Indies, Indecisions, and Another "In"-Word


I'm having a substantial amount of unforeseen difficulty writing my post-PAX post, which probably as time goes on, is only getting harder. I think it's mainly due to trying to convey the whole experience with words, and many, many pictures, rather than one or the other, and in turn has me breaking it up into parts instead of one elongated post. I also think it's the fact that I want to tell a story rather than give short details supplemented with photos. I don't know exactly why I want to do this. Some kind of standard I've set for myself in constructing blog posts compels me to go further. It's also something that I don't want to gloss over because this was kind of a big deal for me, as it was for the lot of you. I can only wonder that if I were slightly less dumb, it wouldn't be this hard. Hopefully I can at least finish part 1 by the end this week or next .

You might have heard (or read) that my 360 has red-ringed on me, cutting off my ability to game by about 2/3 or something, since I hardly use my laptop for gaming (mainly because it wasn't meant for it). I'll be debating in the coming weeks whether to rebuy an Elite or get a fresh Playstation 3, even though I still hear annoying and retarded things about its network and updates. In the meanwhile, I guess I'll be attempting to get more out of my laptop through steam, flash games, and an MMO here & there. Which I've doing been already, but more.

I haven't played anything new since I was in Seattle, except for Rusty Hearts, but I haven't played it enough yet to really comment on it. And I'd like to save what I played while in Seattle for the PAX blog, so for now, I'll talk a bit about a few games I played before the trip, that I haven't gotten around to talking about before.

So let's fucking talk bout 'em.


I've been somewhat neglecting the indie games market/community over the years. I mean, I'd play the games, but not really contribute via feedback, reviewing, or monetary donations. Which has been kind of gnawing at me (for reasons I've been trying to convey in yet another blog in the works), and I decided now is the time to remedy that. So I bought a couple games from the XBLIG market for starters, and the one that really caught my attention was recommended on a top ten indie horror games list I skimmed a few months ago. I'd heard about it before then as well, but that was when I was neglecting indie games.

Soul is a pretty simple yet extremely effective exercise in mood and time-based stress versus skill, akin to Pyramid Head chasing you down a small, dark corridor or secluded rooftop. Without touching the walls, you have to navigate through 2D mazes of dilapidated hospitals, sewers, and even intestines - all the while with monsters popping out of walls trying to eat you, rushing water about to engulf you, and/or your own nerves making you fuck up and start it all over again.

There is no music whatsoever. The star of the game, however, is the fuckin creepy sound design, which begs you to play the game at night with the lights out. Which I did. And kind of regretted it. From just a thumping heartbeat, to the sound of monsters chomping out, or dripping water in a cave only barely lit by your soul "light", saying the game has atmosphere nailed down is an understatement. The religious tones of your soul reaching Heaven, or going to Hell, give it the extra umph it needs to make you think just a little bit afterwards about the content.

So there's that.

Oh right- I managed to beat Costume Quest right before I saw The Ring, and was gratified. I decided to start over with the other sibling and downloaded the extra quest line, but alas, my quest for more costumes is put on hold indefinitely now.


Speaking of quests, apparently you can do some though game apps on Facebook. Being a sucker for post-apocalyptic and space western-natured things, I checked out one called Six Gun Galaxy. Set in what seems like Fallout without the Cold War era propaganda flair, it seems to have a lot going for it if you're into westerns with some kind of fantastical bent. Some of the music especially caught my ear, as it lends itself perfectly to the genre themes. Actually, the art, design, and music is probably the only real good things about it. Everything else is cliched RPG fodder and a muddled UI dipped in cool sci-fi/western aesthetic.

Get quests, kill things, level up, buy better shit, get more quests, kill more things. For all the backstory and plot written on their wiki, there isn't anything compelling enough in the game itself to make me recommend playing for more than 10-15 minutes. Unless you're really bored, then maybe a half-hour. Which is fine, I guess, for a free game on Facebook. But if you like what you play and want to support the team behind it, apparently you can buy in-game items and such with real cash. I'm not terribly familiar with games on facebook, but I think that's a thing you can do for most games on there, ala Farmville, which I have not played and don't really plan to.

Alright. Just wanted to give a quick update on my blogging about stuff and the frustration therein.

Stay tuned and stay fresh, peeps.
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