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<p>I smell like doody. Also known as my legit Xbox 360 Titanfall Review.
I'm really not a fanboy or hater at heart, just jaded as shit when it comes to the industry. So I'm not surprised at all, with this coming from EA, that there's literally nothing more to it than was advertised: online-only COD with jump-jet parkour and mechs, and upcoming DLC with likely nothing more than new maps. No way to aesthetically customize anything; just loadouts. The campaign mode is so laughably bare-boned, I don't know why they even bothered. There's no real immersion for what could've been a fucking GOTY-worthy universe.   But, to the gameplay's credit, that's pretty much it's one big fault, except for the persistent and noticeable graphical glitches. I once watched a replay of myself getting kicked out of the tallest tower on the map, and landing flat on my face in mid-air only a few feet away. Mmmkay? Not perfect, but not game breaking stuff. Connectivity to matches has been very stable for the most part. Only occasional disconnects and the servers being down long enough to walk away and come back maybe an hour later.
Playing as a pilot feels like the meat of the game, but titans also play a major role, depending on how coordinated or experienced your team is. The balance certainly shifts when one team has more titans on the field than the other, or you're working with noobs that don't know how to out-maneuver one. I haven't used the titans enough to nail down how to play them effectively in certain maps and against other titans, besides using the quad-launcher and getting in close enough to eject-nuke. The titans are fun to use, but I guess my style of play is more suited to running and jumping around like a crazy fucker. Depending on how much cover I have, I'm much more effective at taking down titans as a pilot than using my own mech. It's also more satisfying. Not seeing a lot of people make use of wallhanging, which is fun and also satisfying to get kills from; puts a neat spin on camping, instead of using rooftops or windows. At this point I'm pretty sure, based on the variety of maps, your playstyle is meant to change accordingly, which would take a bit to get used to, but I ultimately think it's for the best that it's random and players can't pick the same shit over and over, unless they just play the campaign.
Others mentioned it before, but the option to get rid of grunts and specters would be great. They're fine for making the matches seem bigger than they are, and would be great for an epic MOBA mode. But it's annoying as shit confusing them for other players, when the real player is elsewhere and caps me because I was distracted, despite checking the radar. Combat between players on it's own has the potential to get pretty deep, with the way you can customize your loadout slots when you've unlocked all the stuff at level 50. You can change your super stealth or run-n-gun loadouts after dying, if one or the other isn't quite working out.   After fucking around with the burn cards for a bit, I think they're a very cool feature to have. They aren't op since you can only use one and it's gone for good upon death, even if you didn't get to really use it while it was active. I like that the cards you're awarded after each match, when you complete challenges, are meant to supplement your playstyle, instead of it being completely random (*cough*fuck Payday 2*cough*). So if you get a few kills with a certain weapon, you get the card that boosts its damage and cards for other weapons of that class type. If you're like me and like fucking up titans on foot, you get cards that amp up your anti-titan weapons, and cards that give you more XP and lower your titan's build time when you do what you do. Using abilities (cloak, stim, radar pulse) often will net you cards that either prolong its effect or make it permanent until death. Wallrunning/hanging/jumping gives you faster movement and stim cards.
I'd like to see more cards for titans besides lower build time, though, especially since you can call down your titan whenever you want, when it's ready, and after dying you can use it in tandem with burn cards you brought into the match. Though those would likely have to be the most rare cards, requiring completion of harder challenges to get, since they'd likely be op as fuck, but fun as hell to use. Stuff like causing a big explosion when it falls or a one-and-done EMP card that stuns or temporarily shuts down another titan. I have a feeling those will come with later installments, though.   Along those lines, more suggestions would include (which should've been included in the first place) a single player or campaign mode that, get this, IS NOT HALF-ASSED. Why do I feel like that's asking for too much already? But like I mentioned before, a fully functional and balanced DOTA mode would take this to a higher level, and make that pretty irrelevant. I'm really hoping that's in the pipeline somewhere. That's pretty much it at this point. It's not the hypest shit for next gen gaming, but it's a small step in the right direction. Barring the graphical glitches here and there, I don't blame them for holding back the 360 port if it meant the game playing as smooth as it does 95% of the time, and if it meant enough sales for the Xbone for them to justify putting any more money into this property, which will hopefully produce something more substantial than what this is. And to be totally frank, this is nothing more than a downloadable shooter, over-glorified by the money machine that is EA and MS, and lazy fucking reviewers that will give a ten to anything from a big publisher.   Basically, if Titanfall lived up to the supposed 75-award-winning hype, then playing it should've felt like this from the get-go. Instead, you get a game that simply does what it says on the box well, minus anything particularly epic aside from it being very pretty to look at. It's fine. Still not worth 60 fucking dollars, imo.
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