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Dualisms... with Nihil: Quelling, Quests, and Questions

Hello, once again, internet. Things have been happening.

"wut nihil? wtf is happeningz?!"

I been playin games, dude. Where have YOU been? Having a life perhaps? Awesome. Go stand over there. In the corner. Shoo.

Everyone else that wants to hear about vijas, stick around.


After nearly a year, I beat the light world of Super Meat Boy. And like last time I talked about it, it felt much less daunting when I finally got around to it again. Granted, I can't count how many times I died. And I 'bout nearly lost my shit twice when getting hit with torpedos right before the little room would close. But fucking hell, that was satisfying. I don't plan on beating the dark world, but I'm not quite done with the game just yet. At least I hope I'm not. Warp zones and bandages and such. You know the drill.

And if you don't, now you know. I guess.


I'm inching closer to the end of Costume Quest. The quirkiness of this game is really friggin great. The look of it and the writing go hand-in-hand, and I'm almost sad to think that this wouldn't be turned into a great cartoon. I can just imagine the action scenes from the battle animations, as the kids make-believe in their costumes, in the real world. Good stuff.

A long time ago, I made myself a promise. It's been sitting in the back of my mind on a la-z-boy since then, chilling out. Occasionally leering at my soul. Shaming me. But at this moment, AS WE SPEAK (as I type, actually), I am attempting the feat I tasked myself with... but not really. I'm taking it a different direction. It's safe to say I won't finish them by the end of the month, even though I am skipping Fallout and playing DA:O and ME side by side, with the same character concept: Crazy McBitch-tits Johnson...

Which I played a bit of in my first go-round with Origins, and had a surprising amount of fun with, being taken aback by just how brazen and homicidal and brazenly homicidal they let you get. What made it funnier was that character lasted longer than the other two male characters I made, who got stuck at some point or another because the enemies were too strong. So in the canon in my head, the two (mostly) level-headed gray warden candidates died bitter, embarrassing deaths - unnoticed by the annals of history - whereas the sociopathic fuckhead of a cunt went on to maybe finish her journey as the "savior" of Ferelden. Darwinism at its finest, people. It's almost poetic.

I am being a bit unfair, to be honest. She's not completely psychotic. She just really hates shems and likes making things bleed, and does not give a fuck. Like, at all. That's not to say her opinion can't change down the line. Doubtful, but not impossible.

In a more civilized universe like Mass Effect, you can't really be that crazy without getting locked up and having the key thrown away; especially if you're part of a military organization. However, that turns into a different story when you become a specter. I never did get that far into the game, so I have no idea where unbridled ruthlessness will take the character. Wherever she goes, you can be damn sure there will be a trail of corpses left in her wake. A lesson she learned all too well from the slavers that murdered her family: Leave no survivors.

By the way, you can tell all the hair styles in ME1 were designed by a nincompoop 'cause most of them suck. They suck dog balls except for just the one on default Shephard. It's like who in their fucking right mind would choose any other one? Even when the game first came out, graphically I thought they looked gross. They look bad and they're just bad designs, that are recycled throughout the damn game by other models. I haven't played the second game yet, but I hope there's more variety there. And more sideburns.

Goddamn it. Everybody without sideburns looks weird. I don't get it. I don't get it at all. So fuckin weird... I don't know why that bugs me. I think ever since high school, like, a dude shaved his eyebrows. He just shaved his eyebrows. I don't even remember why. He was probably drunk. But I saw that, and I was like "Ugh, that was weird." And ever since then I've noticed that if someone doesn't have eyebrows or sideburns, it just looked fuckin weird to me. I'm just like like, "WAT IS WRONG WITH YOUR HEAD?"

Uh... yeah.


Deus Ex 3 has recently caught my attention. I didn't care for the first two. Mainly because I watched other people play them and thought they looked dumb at the time. I liked cyberpunk, but had my fill of sci-fi FPS with Timesplitters 2. But apparently since this was picked up by Squeenix, the marketing machine has gone into fuckin overdrive. It looks shiny enough, that's for damn sure. And I respect Brad Nicholson's word enough to believe that the combat is solid. So I dunno, I may find it in me to plug next week's check into this instead of Black Ops. Not that I was probably gonna get Blops anyway. I could use a good, dirty conspiracy with philosophical overtones and sick techno music. Though I prefer ones including Old Gods, but I'll take what I can get for now.

Eh... Well, looks like the thought train has come to its designated stop for today. One last thing: if you are willing to participate in SeptemBEARD, please let it be known for sure here or in the forum thread so I can update the list of menses...



As far as donating, I'm little torn on what to do. I could register us at Septembeard.org (which I've already given my thoughts on) and that would be simple enough to get started. But if there's a specific charity or research establishment anyone knows would be better, I'm all ears. If there's going to be fundraising, I'd like to get that taken care of, pronto.

End Transmission. Bitches.
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