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Destructoid's new ad campaign gets violently happy


Update: The banners were rejected. They asked me to tone it down. Foiled again! Maybe I should just run these on 4chan instead.

I was in New York last week and ran into a guy that runs a popular dating site called /b/ or something like that, the name escapes me. Actually, it's OkCupid. Since we're both independent we thought hey, let's help each other out and run a banner ad trade for each other and see if we can't get our users to give each other's bear aids (tm).

"What the hell kind of banner ads should we run on a dating site?", I pondered.

I know! It should it be about how to meet/scare the ten lovely women that read Destructoid. I can see it now:

"Call Elsa & Atheistium for a good time! -click here-"

Maybe not. Anyway, what I came up with is attached in the gallery below. I hope you're amused and coming over later with the blow torches and chainsaws.

- It takes a lot to make a stew

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