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Automatic Flood control coming soon to Cblogs


For the last 10 years, we've asked Community Bloggers not to post too often or once a day to prevent the community blogs from being dominated by one voice. The tradeoff is that you can't blog whenever the hell you want to, even though it's your own blog. We found a possible way to have it both ways.

Starting next week, the main Cblogs page and sidebar page will simply promote your "last blog in" that was submitted in 24 hours. That means if you blogged 3 things today we'll only show the last one. That gives you some control of what we promote, as you still have to exercise some restraint. If you want to catch everything an individual posts you'll still be able to do so from the home page's community remix or by following a user, or going direct to their blog page.

Hopefully this will help flatten equal share of voice and promotion to everyone participating and prevent new overly enthusiastic cbloggers from over-publishing and accidentally pissing off everyone (rip Taylor Stein).

- It takes a lot to make a stew

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