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Nintendo at E3 - First Party Thoughts, Part 1

I just went through the enormous amount of footage for all the E3 conferences. Thankfully I didn't have to stream everything and crush my download limit because Spike TV aired the Microsoft and EA conferences. I talked to my friends about what they thought they saw, and unanimously:

"Sony won! Take my money!"
"Nintendo has great stuff coming Christmas 2013/ Spring 2014."
"Microsoft blew chunks / I have a PC already."

I still have a ton of things to say on the entirety of the E3 week, so I figured 'hey why not give this Destructoid blog (and the internets) another dose of my words.' I'll start off with my thoughts in handy dandy paragraph form on the Wii U, 3DS, and Nintendo in general (because I own both systems). I don't want to drown you in words so I'll have separate articles for first party, third party, and indie titles. I like bad (sort of) news first, so letís start with that!

What I Found Disappointing

Super Mario 3D World
The Cat Suit power looks like a ton of fun to play and having a coin screen at the end of every level for each player is genius. The amount of crap that happened in New Super Mario will be nothing compared to what's going to happen in 3D World when being in 1st place is on the line. And now we know Mario and pals "swim" in those pipes and don't just fall down. That said, I'm going to agree with the majority of the internet: I wanted another Mario 64 or Galaxy.

I played Super Mario 3D Land on 3DS and thought it was cool, but it was cool because it fit perfectly as a handheld game. The levels were on the small side and you didn't have these long over arching goals that had to be completed. The game may translate well on to the Wii U, but if the levels remain small and are played in linear fashion I don't see it being on the same level as Mario Galaxy.

Windwaker HD
Donít get me wrong, I'm looking forward to this because I didn't play the original one. It looks great, and I'm excited to go through new dungeons! The Miiverse functionality being completely remade for just the Wii U is a great thing, even though Nintendo could have made it as a 3DS app. What irks me is that they had that amazing teaser Zelda footage from when they announced the Wii U, and it looks AWESOME. Why a remake and not a brand new game? Is it just to keep us busy?

Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze
Why couldnít Retro be working on something else? I love Donkey Kong as much as the next gamer but come on, really? Donkey Kong? I expected a bigger surprise than this. Maybe next E3 weíll get a Metroid Prime Hunters HD teaserÖ

What I Liked

Pikmin 3
This looks like the type of game that the Wii U was designed around. Great visuals, the game pad screen functions as a map, the WiiMote and nun-chuck is used as a mouse and keyboard. The thing that hits me in the gut is that Pikmin 3 really should have been a launch title alongside New Mario U. I can't shake the feeling that Nintendo either delayed development on all their games across the board, or they released the Wii U 6 months too early. Would they be in the same spot as they are in now had every game released so far been 'Launch Titles' instead of 'Launch Window Titles'? Pikmin 3 starts the Nintendo hype train in August, with other big names coming almost every month after until next February.

Mario Kart 8
It looks next-gen. I'm told it plays next-gen. 1080p and 60 fps with reports of it dropping to 30 fps for 4 player split screen. The anti-gravity mechanic makes up for the lack of an F-Zero, and the whole hang glider, inclusion of bikes, and cart customization is just really awesome.

The Blue Shells were not in the floor demos, nor at Best Buy stations. My one compliant throughout the entire series is that the game punishes you for being good, instead of rewarding you. The blue shell is this magic controversy magnet with people divided between it being a great equalizer or a crutch for bad players and AI. I would rather have the Blue Shell removed and the Starman or Gold Mushroom made more available then completely screw over the driver in first.

Bayonetta 2
From what Iíve seen, I would guess itís running the same engine as Bayonetta on 360. It doesnít look all that different graphic wise Ė but Nintendo pulled a fantastic move by rescuing Platinum from near-extinction. Nintendo secured itself a studio that can pull off action brawlers; a genre of game that desperately wants to be revived and reinvigorated, which is something Nintendo managed to do even with an overweight super-hedgehog named Sonic.

Project ďXĒ / Xenocross?
If it looks like Xenoblade and Xenogears, then itís probably something in that series. I have no doubt this game will be one of the best titles in 2014, simply because of how well received Xenoblade was. Besides, who doesnít like open world RPGs, guns, dinosaurs, and mechs, all in a brand new world to discover? Also it has online co op! Give us more footage to ogle Monolithsoft!

Super Smash Bros.
Megaman is finally in Smash Bros. Really all that needs to be said.

What did you guys like? What did you not like? Do I suck at writing? Whatever it is, comment below!
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