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So, God of War III...

Sony held a little event recently where they showed some press God of War III, and I was there for Destructoid. Unfortunately, I'm gagged until Friday, so I can't reveal any details yet. Fortunately (or unfortunately), the info from Game Informer's cover story has made its way to the Internet, and sure you can find it if you look hard enough.

I can say that David Jaffe's "holy fucking shit" reaction to whatever he saw is warranted. As the daddy of the series, seeing his original vision brought to life on the PS3 had to have been a sight to behold. On a much smaller scale, as a long-time fan of the series, I had a similar reaction.

So Friday is the day. Info on gameplay, an interview with one of the devs working on the game, and -- wait for it -- a new trailer. You won't be disappointed.
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