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A minute with Nic - #1

[Reading a recent musing made me want to write this update. Since I never have enough substance to make a whole blog, why not slap a couple of subjects together?]

Oh hai there.

Hi, fellow dtoiders, have a seat while we spend some personal time together. This is a chance to catch up. What have you been up to? Debating? Commenting? Well, you must have had some nice times here, lads. As I sip my cup of Photoshopped brandy, let me tell you of my latest adventures.

Learning the Nippon ways.

Lately, I've been digging into the land of rising sun. After playing amazing games such as Tales of Symphonia or Tales of Vesperia, I can't get enough. Since Namco has no plans to bring overhere all the delightful titles they developped, it is my duty to learn japanese and make it happen. I'm not the only one who feels that way about the Tales series. There are teams translating pretty much all the games. I've been taking japanese classes for the last month and a half, and I'm having a blast.

Realization: You're worst than a japanese kindergartener

Do you have an understanding of what you're gonna have to learn to play a jrpg in J? How good would you feel if you discovered that kindergarten kids knows more than you? Your ego takes a hit, trust me. But soon after, you realize that everybody go through this. You need the base, plain and simple. As long as you love what you're learning, it doesn't matter. It's gonna take years, no doubt. :3 I played My Japanese Coach for two weeks once and felt ready to take on a full jrpg... how stupid was I?

Game over screens make me happy

So I upgraded my phone and it came with a giftcard. It was a good opportunity to get a 60$ game, which I haven't done in quite a while. I bought Super Mario Galaxy 2. It is as everybody said it was.

I seriously stopped for a few seconds to contemplate this greatness.

I could make a musing about it, but I wouldn't be able to make it justice. I'd rather let someone else celebrate this amazing game.

Something I particularly like about it, is seeing the game over screen. I suck, isn't that great? Let me explain. I spent the last few years only playing jrpgs on easy, and barely any other types of games. While fun and relaxing, it sent me into a comfort zone. So, suddenly stumbling on challenges that makes me try again, and again, feels refreshing. Though you don't really go back to the title screen, which defeats the purpose of a game over, you know...

I should seek out those challenges more often. Of course DKCR is a contender. But after trying it for a few hours, I don't like the controls. Call me lazy, but I don't want shaking in my platforming.

A quick pirate comment "Too late for anyone to care"

I'm not adding anything to the discussion "Pirates are thieves, arrh". Beating a dead horse is not my forte. I don't hit animals. I'm just wondering : Am I the only one who can't play my games unless I buy them? I bought a flashcard and suddenly stopped playing any games on the ds. I couldn't find the motivation to play. Then, I bought a game the next month, and played it to death. Like anybody, I did pirate at some point. It just doesn't work for my hobby.

That's it my friends! We might cross each other's path again. On a land as vast as the interwebs, a few clicks is all it takes to reunite us. As I head off on vacation, I bid you farewell. *bows*

Thanks for dropping by. I don't know you, but you are awesome. Yes, you.
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About Nic128one of us since 8:54 AM on 02.27.2009

Hi all, introductry post. (Side blog edition)

I'm Nic128, 25 years old, gamer since 1991. Started with a SNES and worked my way through the generations. I got a NES after my SNES though, well, whatever.

I discovered this community a few years ago. I then realized, damn, there are civilized people that love and talk about video games. Awesome.

Here's what I currently own (Systems : History of purchases) :
- Gamecube
- PS2
- DS Lite
- PSP 2000
- Wii
- PS3
- Snes
- N64
- 3DS

Yes, I bought a Snes and N64 after my PS3. You know, nostalgia.

Games I love/loved the most :
1. Zelda : Ocarina of Time
2. Zelda : Twilight Princess
3. Tales of Symphonia
4. Golden Sun (1 and 2)
5. Zelda : Wind Waker
6. God of war
7. Tales of Vesperia
8. Resident Evil 3
9. Zelda : Majora's Mask
10. Banjo-Kazooie

I suck at anything FPS, RTS, MMO. Unless I'm playing with friends, I don't play competitive games. I get angry when I lose against better players.

Besides games, I love Fullmetal Alchemist, Table tennis...

And that's it.
PSN ID:Nic128
Steam ID:Nic1281


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