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Groundhog Day: A Treasure Worth Fighting For

Groundhog Day: A treasure worth fighting for. Pure gold. Everything else on the shelf was the familiar dull grey, here and there a few off-brand black cartridges, nothing special. But it was pure gold. I had to have it. C'mon Link...


Metro 2033: Lost in the Tunnels Part 3

Playing through Metro 2033 made me curious about other subway systems. Did you know there are several abandoned stations in the Toronto system? Fortunately they are mostly used for filming movies and hip indy art installations, not mutant...


Metro 2033: Lost in the Tunnels Part 2

Metro 2033 is hard. Everything in the gameworld is broken and difficult. However, I don't believe this was entirely a gameplay design. After all, it is a single player FPS not a skill testing SHUMP or a masochistic action game like DMC or...


Metro 2033: Lost in the Tunnels Part 1

Metro was a game that slipped past my radar last year. Developed by 4A Games out of the Ukrane and published by THQ, it collected mostly positive reviews with some outlying high and low scores. I heard about it, was intrigued, but then I...


Getting on the Hype-Cycle: Bastion

Sometimes you are fortunate enough to come across something that tickles you just right. You see a picture or hear a song that stimulates all those nerves and neurons associated with "stuff you like". Bastion is doing that for me right no...


Game Over: Losing with grace

I was talking with a buddy of mine recently who says he never plays online games. He likes the idea, but he just can't stomach losing. He won't play TF2 because he can't stand getting killed by a spawn-camping Demoman, or Battlefield beca...


DCUO First Day Impressions

I wasn't going to get this game. No way. MMO's are just a giant time sink. They are perfectly crafted lotus eater machines specifically designed to make you ignore your every priority and desire in life while the game slowly but surely s...


Life's Little Achievements

(Whoops! I wrote this weeks ago but forgot the crucial step of uploading it. So yeah, its a bit dated.) Lately I've been a little bit fixated on the balance between playing games and being responsible. Fortunately for me D-Toid recently ...


The Great Escape: The Weird Guilt of Online Games

This is a crappy first blog post. Its crappy because I didn't think I would contribute to this months musing, at first blush I didn't really think I had a original enough angle on it to bother posting. But last night I played TF2 for 2 hou...


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