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About Newsworthyone of us since 5:32 PM on 02.04.2007

Newsworthy is, and has been a gamer for all of his life. He's owns/owned the following consoles.

Atari 7800
Sega Master System II (With Flip Top lid and Alex Kidd in Miracle world built in!)
Sega Mega Drive II
Sony Playstation One
Sony Playstation Two
Sony PSP
Xbox 360 Pro
And a string of ever evolving PC's.
AND, now a shiny 17" Macbook Pro. Not really for gaming, sadly :(

Newsworthy is a major Final Fantasy fan-boy. He loves the stuff, and owns a large chunk of the series across several platforms. He's also annoyed he didn't get the Zodiac Spear in FFXII.

He loves to play first person shooters, but also dabbles with an MMORPG called 'Anarchy Online', which is quite a lot of fun, and avoids the usual anti-WoW crowd's jeers as a result. For the record, he's never played WoW.

Newsworthy has aspirations of becoming a voice for gaming in Australia, and aims to eliminate the inequities Australians suffer at the hands of games publishers/designers. Take a look at the Sniper in TF2. That is NOT your typical Australian. The hair is all wrong...

In short, Newsworthy is a 26 year old Australian guy who just plays games, and enjoys it. Add him as a friend! Play him in TF2, and you will have happy feelings!

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