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Reviewing every game I beat in 2015 #1 - #9

Hi my name is Nes and I have a gaming problem.  I start this out like I'm part of an AA meeting, because that's sort of what it is. I like videogames. Not just the act of playing games, but the whole culture surrounding them. Muc...


This is not the first blog I wanted to write..

Satoru Iwata is a man I have cause to think about on a consistent basis. Whether the reason being my interest in Nintendo as a business, an upcoming Nintendo Direct presentation, or just a fleeting thought of one of the variety of memes he'...


About Nes Richmondone of us since 11:39 AM on 06.21.2015

You don't know me, but I've been a lurker on Destructoid since 2007. Around five years ago I wrote a series of blogs here under the name Discarded Couch Sandwich (there was a meaning behind the name, for real!). Some of the content in there I still sort of stand by, other parts I like to look back on and laugh at the naivete of my (relative) youth. You can check it out, if that's a thing you're inclined to do.

Things I like that aren't related to videogames:

Louis Theroux documentaries
Haruki Murakami novels
Pretending I know more about politics than I actually do
British slang terms (we do have the best in the world!)
Weeb related activities
Train journeys as an excuse to read
Attempting to decipher Kanji