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Think work got me sick during the rainy day on Thursday. I wanna go home early today but all my sick time is gone thanks to my grandfather's care.


Welp had a bad day at work again (183 donors with truckloads and only 2 workers) so I impulse bought some games to try and cheer myself up cause I'm a horrible person if anything else.


In a surprise twist and for the first time ever I was told to go home early cause it was raining so hard.


Sonic Unleashed is now backwards compatible with the Xbox One. Only will have my 360 for one game now: Tony Hawk's American Wasteland.


Currently in a torrential downpour. It's cold and I want to go home.


So I have made an important discovery regarding the Pound Technology PS1/PS2 HDMI Converter: it can actually allow for a capture card to record Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil correctly. 10/10 would recommend! More in the comments.


Well seems Nintendo might be killing the Creator's Program and have laid out some ground-rules regarding uploading stuff with their content. Link in the comments.


Got my PS1/PS2 Pound Cable in the mail. Holy crap does PS1 look nice. Gonna test it out on some PS2 games that only support 480i since the colors should still be more vibrant than Composite but not as much as Component. I'll post a video I did about it.


You know what's fun about this modern age of applying for jobs? Have pages that are supposed to redirect you back to the application not work and ending up losing out on being able to apply. Has happened 4 times tonight for 4 different jobs. Yay...


Man today, just nothing seems to be going right for me lately. Be it at home, work, or even the only real extracurricular thing I do: making YouTube videos. I feel like I'm spiraling and can't stop.


Everything that could go wrong is currently going wrong at work current status:


Got back from seeing Mask of the Phantasm in theaters and now I'm downloading a shit-ton of Spyro.


Trying to see how well received this new thumbnail template I commissioned will be. What do people think? I customize it by adding the game logo onto it and the episode number to it.


Question for whoever this may apply to: has anyone received their copy of Dust an Elysian Tail from LRG?


So my friend made me this during the Gateway to Charity while he was in my chat. I had no idea he was making it until near the end of the stream. Makes me happy and made me laugh. Definitely going in the thumbnail.


Sorry if I got a little depressed at the end of the stream last night. I'm very disappointed in myself.


Welp decided to end the stream due to starting to disassociate so hard that I couldn't continue. I've become weak thanks to sleep. Thanks everyone who stopped by and donated! Final time was 19 hours 16 minutes. I did manage to beat all the games as well.


Still live with Year of the Dragon. It's been a bit dead sadly. Won't reach my goal but oh well.


Still live. Help me reach my goal if you can.


Finished Spyro 1, now onto Spyro 2!


Going live in 5 minutes for the Gateway to Charity Event! Hope you all can stop by after voting to help raise money for the kids!


Happy birthday to both Chris and DeScruff. Hope you had an amazing day!


Well last night was horrible for my family and today is bad at work again. Even worse than yesterday. Yay...


Super clutching on the final project that's due by 11:59 PM PST. It's rendering right now. I hope it's good enough.


Welp it finally happened. Nintendo started blocking my Randomizer videos so I had to delete them or risk my channel. Oh well, at least I have the memories.


Looks like MediEvil 1's remake/remaster/port of PSP game or whatever is getting gameplay tomorrow early in the morning. 7am PST according to Playstation's Twitter.


Tomorrow's livestream is gonna have me so scared. Somehow my friends convinced me to do Friday the 13th as the Halloween game. Never played it before but I'd heard of it so we'll see how this goes tomorrow.


Kinda thinking of doing a daily or weekly showcase of weird donations I get at my job. Gonna call it #Donationtoid. For today we have a very phallic Buzz Lightyear toy.


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