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Me when I discover Chroma Key in my editing software and the sky happens to be 1 static color. Yes that is a gif of fire when playing the video.


Happy birthday Zer0. Hope it's been a good one.


Bombed a paper really badly, like I've not done this bad on a paper before, and now I'm having massive panic attacks and feelings of self-loathing. Send kittens and ferrets please as I don't know what I'm gonna do now.


One Piece World Seeker came out today with no fanfare and no hype. Checking reviews and it's not looking good. As a huge One Piece nerd I had hope at launch, but the fact that you can only play as Luffy makes me sad. Might pick up the game on sale.


So sad that QToid is still broken. Wasn't being affected by it initially but now I am and I am the sad.


Welp, just found out that my work took away personal days which means I'm boned. So glad that they never told us that they took away personal days...


Found this cool design that someone put on a jacket and decided I needed it. Poor impulsive financial decisions are great.


Recently got desperate enough to try dating apps and got a few matches, and I was happy. Only to find out they were all animated spam bots wanting my credit card info. Now I'm sad.


Had to reinstall Windows cause my Capture Card for New 3DS wasn't working. Realize that after doing that I've lost my Microsoft Office 2010 installation, and even worse is I'm out of uses on my version. I need it for school and can't buy 2010 anymore. T^T


Really sad that my Genesis, even the new one I bought, isn't working with my Framemeister. Perhaps the SCART RGB cable is bad. Time to order a new one and see how it goes.


Happy birthday to Jetter Mars and a late birthday to Vxxy.


Is YouTube messing up for anyone else? Site keeps logging me out and won't let me log back in.


My Switch is mine again! My sister has been hogging it for like the past month, but it's finally mine again. All it took was getting her her own one.


Hm, now to choose either Sword or Shield.


I don't see the maintenance sign anymore. Are we back? :D


Everyone's getting drunk it seems, but I'm here sober and sad because my Genesis model 2 died. That was the first console I ever had and owned. :(


FedEx is weird. One second it looks like my package is gonna get here today, and next thing you know it's suddenly way up North for no reason.


Great haul from Goodwill today. A Phat PS2 with an expansion bay for $7.50, an HDMI splitter with 8 outputs for $3, and a PS4 controller for $10.


To continue my trashing of Adobe the damn Premiere Pro program just keeps crashing on me. Like it has crashed more times today than any other editor I've ever used in my 7 years making videos. It's really annoying too cause it's crashing during rendering.


Happy birthday Xeo. Hope everything is going well for ya. :)


I'd participate in #Worktoid if I was still allowed to take pictures at work. :(


I'll join in on #Shelfietoid with this picture of my gaming shelf. What's missing from this are about 13 more Switch games, and about 7 more PS4 games from when I took this photo.


Welp my string of bad luck continues: the Nintendo Switch Dock I bought for my sister is defective and will not connect to a television properly. I tested it with different cables and a different PSU and nothing. Good thing Nintendo offers a warranty.


So I just found out something very important: Katsukitty went out of business. They were most famous for making N3DS Capture Cards.


Adobe Premiere Pro is poo poo. It selectively decides when it wants to work and when it doesn't. I'm still learning but man is it really hard for me just to not bugger back to VEGAS.


So I commissioned a friend to make some 3DS overlays for projects and wanted to share them. I like how they all turned out and hope others like them. Pictures in the comments of the different overlays.


It actually upsets me how much this fits.


Gonna be streaming some iNfamous 2 right now for those who want to join. It'll be a hero run.


So that HDMI SNES converter from Pound Technologies does indeed work with an N64 that can output RGB. This pleases me. :3 Edit: Made a video showcasing the mod along with the cable for those interested. Video's in the comments.


Me: Oh boy time for more KH3! Work: Nah you got to do mandatory OT. Me: Aw.


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