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Oh Nintendo...

I met Nintendo Christmas morning under a Christmas tree when I was 6 years old... He was only 64 bits back then but I thought he was so cute, we started playing and instantly became inseparable. I loved all our little games, rescuing the princess, flying spaceships, and even fighting! My favorite I pretended to be a little boy in little tunic rescuing a princess, and as we grew older I thought that Nintendo would be my one true love, always full of a youthful joy and wonder.

Cartridges became disks and we still were madly in love. Still playing our old games but in our haste to grow up we played more mature fair, guns and violence, but still Nintendo kept that beautiful sparkle that made me fall and love. Then I noticed some changes, he got thinner, more active but still seemed like the same Nintendo so I accepted him with love and open arms, and in the beginning it was just as beautiful as ever, we would stay up all night hanging out and smiling but soon... he started to change... he was losing that sparkle instead asking me to do things I just wasn't comfortable with, and instead of our grand adventures he wanted to play cheap, throwaway little mini-games... I felt so dirty... but I couldn't tell anyone...

So I kept my shame bottled up as Nintendo exploited me. He started fooling around with more casual types, almost ignoring me completely at times, occasionally coming back with that little glimmer of hope, and I came running back only to have him beat me down again and leave me crying... I was so stupid... I just wanted him to be back to what he was, to be innocent again... but now I realize that he's over me... he doesn't need me anymore... and all those years we spent together meant nothing to him.

I'm with a nice PC now... strong... I think I need that... and I have my 360 for support... but I know... the minute I see that little spark again... I'll come crawling back... I just can't help it... I still love him.


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