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My Favorite Boss Battle

Recently Kirby Super Star Ultra was released. KSSU is a remake of Kirby Super Star for the SNES. It had one of the most brilliant boss battles I've ever partaken in, in a videogame. (SPOILER: The DS version adds words)

This is one of the best designed boss sub-boss battles (it's actually two battles, one in "The Great Cave Offensive" and one in "Milky Way Wishes", I would assume that two sub-boss battles would = One Boss battle when/if combined).

As many of you assuredly know, Kirby Super Star had many references to many other videogames.( "The Great Cave Offensive" was all about collecting objects from other videogames). This boss battle was a reference to an entire genre of videogames. Specifically RPG's.

With every hit Kirby does to an enemy set before him by the blue screen administrating the battle, it tells you exactly how much damage you did to your opponent. The top blue administration screen performs the task of telling you what action your opponent (and sometimes even Kirby) take.

You can't attack your opponent when it's there turn, so in a sense, the whole thing is still turn based. It's like fighting an RPG with more control over how much damage you do per round then most RPG's allow.

To pull it all together, it's set to one of the best, and in my opinion most memorable scores in boss or sub-boss battle history. This is by far my favorite, and in my opinion one of the most well designed battles I've ever played.
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