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Spec Ops: The Line [Retrospective]

[TIP: DESTRUCTOID is a pain when you're used to Wordpress - read this in all it's pleasantness here.] With it's cover based combat, over-the-shoulder camera antics and butch male characters I'd initially forgive you for confusing Yager Dev...


Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom [D-RMed]

'The game puts forth a friendly, inviting facade that when pulled back reveals an unforgiving gameplay system meant only for gamers with either a lot of previous experience in the genre or an infinite amount of patience.' Overall: 6/10 O...


Thief Flaw: The Modern Age

Developers can't please everyone, but that doesn't stop them from trying and, in doing so, they often seem to alienate their original fanbase. Take the new Thief. In a recent video at E3, Stephanie Roy says 'now it's a good mix of action'...


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I'm a writer, long time Xbox/Nintendo/PC gamer with a keen interest in the stealth, strategy, indie, psychological horror and RPG genres.

I'm better known by my poetry, creative writing and occasional cultural reviews over at White Coffee Magazine.

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I have an MA in Creative Writing: Poetry from the UEA, and currently live in Scotland.