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Playing dnd 5e for the second time. Just bootkicked a goblin into a bonfire!


Annnnd, that's World of Final Fantasy done! Not sure if I wanna do the EX dungeons, but I'll at least sleep on it and decide tomorrow.


Having a sick day with it also raining outside. Since I beat Xenoblade Chronicles 2 yesterday, decided to keep the jrpg train rolling. Jumping back into my file on World of Final Fantasy. Time to climb that crystal tower!


The new Warframe update for Jupiter finally hit consoles! Will post proper thoughts later, but so far it's pretty good! Disruption seems like a solid new gamemode. And I watched my roommate fight the new boss. THAT was a lore-bomb. So far it's FUN/10!


I finally got around to beating the Spiderman dlc. Overall good, though some of those fights were brutal. Now with that free harddrive space, I can finally install that copy of Hitman 2 I bought awhile ago. Gonna replay the legacy missions too!


Was really happy with some Warframe Captura (photo mode pretty much) I did today and I thought I'd share! Ash here is colored based on old NES sprites. More in the comments!


Started swimming today! So far I can only go for about 10-15 mins before feeling like I'm going to die, but considering that I haven't swam in more than 5 years I think that's fine! And the pool is free and 10 mins walk from my apartment! Bonus!


Welp, considering I currently have a bunch of time on my hands, whooooo's up to watching me stream later this week/weekend?


So last night me and my MTG buddies tried out that Oathbreaker format that's been picking up in popularity. I am now a fan, and honestly think you guys should try it out too! Not sure what I'm talking about? Here's a video to explain!


For my fellow Canucks, it looks like Best Buy is selling Assassin's Creed Odyssey for 20 bucks TODAY ONLY. Currently grabbing a bus so I can get my own copy.


And then I decided that being a Carney isn't really for me!


Is there's at least one thing I like being about being a carney, its seeing all the awesome shirts kids have.


These are not deep fried wontons. I may have paid for deep fried wontons, but I have instead received empty cooked batter.


Downloading updates for my Switch games using McDonald's wifi like a SAVAGE.


Carney update; I probably should of expected my payday to be affected by the weather. We get paid after the set up, but snow and other stuff slowed us down down. Welp. Live and learn.


Starting today I am a traveling carney! Wish me luck, and if you never hear from me again assume sort sort of horror movie scenario.


Been grabbing some Switch games to prep for my new traveling job! Got these 2 on sale, SNK Heroines for 30 and Civ 6 for 50! That's purty good for Canadian prices!


Welp, I'm going to be starting my new seasonal job at the carnival on Monday! So I'm going to be away from home for sometimes weeks at a time, so there is a chance I won't be around as much to post and lurk. Wish me luck!


#selfietoid you say? Seems like a good chance to show off how long my hair is now! Bonus pic in the comments!


Heading to the hospital because one of my friends has a kid now! Edit: Pic in the comments! His name is Caspian.


Just found about this sweet looking game from the Darksiders 3 devs called Remnant: From the Ashes. Looks like it's a souls style 3rd person shooter that uses procedural generation. Link to the PC Gamer preview in the comments, but I am excited for it!


Blind Day Friday update. Have mainly been on my phone and playing switch since I can see those at close distances. Successfully made lunch. Probably going to chill in my room and go to bed early tonight.


Glasses update! I can't get to the store I bought them at till tomorrow. I need a ride and I don't trust myself with busses today. Sooooo, #Blindtoid?


"Hey Neo, how is your day starting off?"


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