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IT'S HAPPENING!!! Also major spoilers if you care about the story up to this point.


I am once again here being called out on the internet.


Hmmm, what to stream tomorrow morning....


I've currently been waiting in this bus for almost an hour because control told the drivers to stop because of icy rain road conditions. So AMA I guess. EDIT; WE'RE MOVING FINALLY. Time for work.


For something that I only started half watching because my roommate had it on the tv, Scissor Seven has turned into one of my favorite recent animes. What looked dumb turned out to be also emotional and badass! Also that season 3 intro is goddamn FIRE!!!


Sharing is caring comrade.




Also tried a bit of Outriders this weekend! Only played up to just after the first real mission though. Also using the magic of 3rd party accessories I decided it plays better with a 360 controller (am on PS4). Went Technomamcer also. It's fun so far!


Also played a few hours of Chernobylite and it's pretty fun! You assign yourself and teammates missions, which you complete to get resources or progress the story. In between missions you build up your base so you can make more stuff or make things more..


One thing I learned yesterday when I was starting my Saturday stream is that I'm NOT going to keep doing them in afternoon or evening. I'm tired by then. So from now on it'll be during Saturday mornings!


Man. Magrunner Dark Pulse GOES places after awhile storywise. Was bot expecting that from a 1st person puzzle game.


STARTING!!! Going to be doing the first of my new weekly Saturday streams today! Join me at 5:30 pm Mountain time to watch me play the demo for Narwhalnut's game Belle Boomerang and then after playing some Magrunner Dark Pulse! Twitch is in the comments


Grabbed a 100 dollar psn card and grabbed me some games! What games? Ace Combat 7 deluxe edition, Subnautica Subzero, Chernobylite and Outriders. Looking forward to trying em out!


Have a great weekend guys!


Alright I'm going to start doing weekly Saturday streams again. I don't have a set time in mind yet so in the meantime I guess just follow my twitch (in the comments) if you haven't already so you get a notification when I go live.


Real talk. Convince me to to weekly Saturday streams. I feel doing something like for fun weekly, but I'm also fickle and don't always follow through on stuff. So maybe some constructive peer pressure will help.


I mean... what's the harm?...<_<


Beat the boss at the Tokyo Diet Building in yesterday in SMT5. For me that was the first boss I had to grind and build a specific team for. So satisfying. Also...(continued in comments for extremely vague story beat maybe spoilers)


Destructoid. When you're here you're...




Alright stream done! Final count was 425 + the 100 I'll he donating for all my deaths in VVVVVV for a total of 525! Thanks for joining me, donating and for the birthday wishes! Now I'm going to have pizza, watch anime then pass out.


Come join me RIGHT NOW!!! to celebrate me turning 33 by hanging out and donating to help out sick kids! I'm going to be bumping this every day and I'll put my twitch and donation page links in the comments. BUMP!! New donation incentive, details below!


Here, have a pre-stream selfie.


My SMT5 copy hasn't shipped yet. Screw it. I'll just cancel the order and get it while I'm out and about today. UPDATE: Went to the store and it turns out ALL the physical copies are delayed till the 16th. So Digital it is!


Just got back from an early birthday dinner with my parents! Turns out they had gotten a reservation at Japanese Village. Hadn't actually been to one of those places that cook the food in front of you before. Also here's what they ended up getting me!


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