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Shoutout to ZombieCorp for making this awesome pic of Warframe's edgy boi Nekros!


Missed Part 2 of my .hack//GU stream? I UPLOAD STUFF TO YOUTUBE NOW DAWG!!! So if you like hearing me fumble through games here's the vid!


Going to be streaming some more .hack//GU later today at about 3pm MT! So if you want to join me in my edgy animu journey or just want to hang out in chat then catch me at twitch.tv/neoturbo! BUMP! Starting in 30 mins!


Question. I started playing Kingdom Come Deliverance a while back and then stopped. I don't know if I was very far or not, but I don't remember what I was doing. Should I start a new game? Maybe reintegrate with the story? Just kinda mulling my options.


Wings and ribs with sauce are terrible. Dry rubs are where it's at. #Heresytoid


Was randomly looking at free games on itch.io and I found this one browser game called Just One Boss. Pretty fun! I figured some people here might enjoy it so here's the link! https://bridgs.itch.io/just-one-boss


Decided to mess with the visuals of some of my frames in Warframe, and ended up making my Mirage Prime into this monochrome beauty here! (Back pic in comments)


As a heads up, I'll be doing this week's stream later in the week. My dnd group moved a session over a day, so I gotta work around that. Thinking of either Wednesday or Thursday. Will be more .hack//GU though!


I beat Vampyr you guys! Solid game overall. Got the second best ending apparently. More thoughts in the comments.


Goddamn I've been playing Vampyr all day and it's so good you guys.


Currently dealing with a weather migraine and a bit of depression. Trying to play stuff but can't really get in the mood. Just kinda want to lie down. Anyone want to help me cheer up?


Hey if you guys missed my stream yesterday, or wanted to watch it in your own time, here you go! I admittedly was a bit tired, in hindsight I could've talked a bit more...BUT that's just something I'll work on!


As a reminder, I'm going to be starting my stream of .hack//GU Last Recode later today at 4pm MT. Watch me at twitch.tv/neoturbo and join me re-experiencing my teen gaming years! BUMP! Starting in 15 mins!


I finished the Torna expansion for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 earlier today! I can finally put that game away. Overall a great improvement gameplay-wise, and I think I liked the new characters more too! Also being able to easily control the healer is great!


Okay, so I gotta move my stream tomorrow to about 4pm MT. Sorry if that's annoying! In apology I'm going to do a bonus stream sometime this week too!


Before I head to bed, I thought I'd once again shamelessly shill that I'll be streaming .hack//GU remastered on Tuesday. It'll be at 3pm MT this time, and will FOR REALSIES be a live playthrough. I won't be playing it in-between streams. See you there!


And the winner of this year's Tennocon cosplay contest is.....CLEM!


Since I decided to start streaming the .hack//GU remaster I've been thinking. What games from your (potentially) edgy teen years are you thinking if playing again? In addition to this game, I've also been thinking of playing Shadow Hearts: Covenant again.


Hmmm, was planning on Vampyr being playthrough stream series, but I like it enough that I can't wait weekly to play it. What game do I have where I won't have that temptation? Maybe something I played forever ago, something that got a remaster, maybe THIS


Had some technical difficulties yesterday with my stream, so I had to use youtube instead of twitch. BUT if you guys are curious how it was, now it's nice and easy to watch!


BUMP! In 15 MINUTES I'll be starting my stream of Vampyr on PS4! So if you guys want to watch me play it for the first time live, feel free to join me at 2pm MT! I'll ne adding my twich link in the comments below! WE'RE ON YOUTUBE NOW. LINK BELOW


Alright guys, I got a date/time of my blind playthrough stream of Vampyr! It will be tomorrow, Tuesday at 2pm MT. So if you wanna watch me stumble through the game, and discover the story with me tune in then! BUMP #3! Also put my twitch link below!


Hey guess what it's another suprise edition of #SoupStockSaturday with yer boi Neo! Today we're using a big ol' pork bone that my roommate randomly procured for me. I've had it in the freezer for awhile, but it looks like it's just fine! BUMP: It's done!


Alright guys, I got a date/time of my blind playthrough stream of Vampyr! It will be this Tuesday at 2pm MT. So if you wanna watch me stumble through the game, and discover the story with me tune in then!


Oh, those dang ol' Crime Boyz!


I KNOW WHAT I'M GOING TO STREAM! That Vampyr game is on sale on PSN right now, and I've always wanted to play it. Plus I've managed to not spoil anything about it for myself! SO NEXT WEEK, I will start streaming my blind playthrough of Vampyr on PS


Thinking of streaming something next week after SGDQ. Thinking of either...A Spoopy game, a Shooty game, an Actiony game, or a rpg...y game. Lemme know what you guys want so I can narrow down my huge list of possible choices. Game ideas list below!


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