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What? There's an L4D 360 community tourney? Still?!

As blehman has already blogged before, there's a 360 L4D tourney going on in the forums. It's not new news, but I wanted to take a bit of time to expand on how effing fun this tourney is, despite having only played one game.

Everyone's raising glasses/bottles/whatever in honor of the three year anniversary of Destructoid. As a community, this place is pretty fucking badass. And the community is the reason that the L4D tourney is so awesome. I've only gotten to play with a handful of people thus far from here, but everyone's having fun and treating it as a chance to get in some non-annoying L4D games in with people who don't suck.

We spent almost an hour in the lobby waiting on various people to show last night, and the conversations were just as awesome as the gaming was. The word is still out on whether seigfreid had to goto Blockbuster to get a copy of the game just so he could play with us, and apparently some of us missed Dok Industrial's ability to impersonate Hank Hill very well, but it's this stuff that makes community gaming pretty fucking fun.

Thanks Team 6 for putting up a good fight against us for one match, and here is the sacred Canadian Quarter that MaxPower asked me to frame. It is framed with nickel rolls, because it's IRONIC.

And yes, I understand now that it's a moose and not a deer. I <3 Canadia, Max.

If any of you lurkers who read the blogs and forums but haven't actually signed up yet because you're not sure about fitting in, let me tell you. Destructoid rocks, its users rock, and if you like L4D, this is as good a reason to sign up as any. Form a team, post in the forums, come for the cocks, stay for dinner and a movie.
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