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EA is indeed developing for the Wii U

It seem it's not all doom and gloom for our friend the Wii U. In recent article from Polygon, EA's Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen, admitted to the publisher currently having games in development for Nintendo's new home bit despite spokesman Jeff Brown saying "We have no games currently in development for the Wii U". However, not as many games as it competitors the PS4 and XB1 will have.

When asked who he thought would reign supreme this generation, he replied saying, "the consumers, not publishers, would be the ones to decide". With a response like that, it's as if EA, while still praising Nintendo's competitors, thinks Nintendo has a chance this generation.

I just hope it isn't because of the amount of negative reaction Microsoft got from the Xbox One reveal this morning. All true judgement is reserved till E3.

EA is developing Wii U games, has BIGGER plans for PS4 and Xbox One,
CFO says [Polygon]
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