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Rantoid: Random topic for New Year's


When you blow the heads off of the villagers in Resident Evil 4, the parasites that pop out are actually relatives of the doily.

And now that I've beaten that joke to death, let me complain about something infinitely small yet still annoying: the writing of "video games" as one word. All my life, I grew up learning that "video games" was two words; one was the noun, "games," something you play, and one was the adjective, "video," describing the fact that it takes place on a screen. However, I notice that more and more sites are recommending that their editors write it as one word. Really, there's nothing wrong with that, it just seems wrong turning it into a compound word, like it's upsetting the natural order.

And what's the deal with people hating on cblog jokes if nothing's going on? I saw so much hate yesterday for the "rules of blogging" meme, but honestly, if nothing important is going on and it's a slow day, you might as well have a little fun as a community. Trust me, a running joke is not going to kill the good blogs, it's only a temporary reprieve for a boring day.

And another thing: what is it with people who can't stay on topic? You'd think that they could just pick one topic and stick to it, but no, these people bring up tons of different topics to mask the fact that they don't have anything substantial to say at the moment. They really need to get their head in order and figure out what it is they want to say. Stop playing games and partying and work out your statement before you fill up a page with meaningless nonsense.

Thank you for bearing with me tonight. Happy new year, Dtoid.
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