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Rantoid: Not happening this week


Necros Says: Fuck.

You might have guessed the probability of seeing a new Rantoid in the next two hours before 12AM Monday is low. Indeed, it is true, this weekend won't have a new edition of Rantoid. How did this happen? Well, a few things prevented me from writing up a rant:

a) The hurricane of finals at SU sapped up a large amount of my time with pointless "studying" and "tests."

b) Making this video took about a day.

c) Getting my stuff packed, rearranging my room, heading home for winter break, and settling in took a considerable amount of time.

d) It has not stopped snowing for a minute since I've come home, and that means I have to shovel the accursed precipitation even after the driveway is plowed.

e) There weren't any pressing matters this week that would inspire a rant. This could partially be because I was somewhat distant from the gaming industry during finals.

f) Gremlins.

So I don't need anyone to feel sorry for me, I just wanted to explain why I missed my personal deadline for the column. Or maybe I'm just feeling full of myself and you guys don't give a shit about my pathetic musings.

Anyways, I thought I'd take this opportunity to get some feedback from you guys. Do you like where the column is going? What can I do to improve it? Is there a certain topic you think I should address? If you need to refer to certain articles, you can find last week's edition here, then follow the links in the notes before the article.

Also, I'd be interested in hearing your opinions on the subject of creating a gaming canon, a topic I'd like to cover in a future Rantoid. Literary experts have endlessly debated not only what books belong in a canon of literature but what process should be used to determine canon worthiness; similarly, the AFI has published their list of the top 100 American films. What are your thoughts on any aspect of the idea of a gaming canon?
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