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Rantoid: Buy more special editions


So why is it that, all of a sudden, people are complaining about the pervasiveness of special editions? We're finally getting bonuses, people! We should be celebrating! Instead, I hear constant complaints about having to preorder games in order to get freebies, and how special editions are just an extra making-of DVD. Keep in mind that, at this point, preorder bonuses are the most reliable way to give a reason for handing out freebies. And as for special editions: the making-of DVD is going to be standard for a while because that's what really took off with the DVD market: showing lots of behind-the-scenes footage and talking about the development. Getting good stuff is still a work in progress, and even then, it's suddenly evolving much faster than the DVD special editions did. Remember how long it took before DVDs got past the stage of calling one trailer a bonus feature? Most games have included their trailer as their demo mode for years.

So where am I going with this? I suppose that we should be supporting publishers who provide preorder bonuses, special editions, and other assorted swag. The Bioshock special edition only got made because of intense fan support, and 2K was nice enough to get the community involved with the actual production of it, resulting in an awesome version that I was more than happy to fork over an additional $10 for. If you know you want a game, go preorder it and get yourself a freebie. Publishers will hopefully get the message and start improving preorder bonuses and special editions.

And maybe one day, in the near future, we'll get our very own hump pillow.
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