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My Game Completion List

This is the list of games that I need to finish, and the order in which I believe I should finish them. Any comments? 1 The Witcher 2 Mass Effect 3 Amnesia 4 Red Dead Redemption 5 Brutal Legend 6 Lost Odyssey 7 Dead Space 8 Dead Space 2 9 ...


My First Blog Post

Hello Destructoid! I am a brand new resident of the site, been reading the site for about 6 months, was introduced to Destructoid through Podtoid. What a grand fucking introduction, yeah? Although I am not feeling particularly in the writ...


About Nebunezone of us since 10:42 AM on 04.25.2012

Hello there! My name is John Ryan, I am a composer, sound designer, and overall art loving dude. I am currently writing my first story for a video game and hunting down a serious job in the game industry. I am a huge FPS player, but a fan of all genres. After creeping Destructoid for several months, I've decided to make myself official on here!

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