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Mass Effect 3: The fear


I wrote a whole goddamn book about video-game journalism which included a theme of ‘score inflation’, and considering this, yes I’m aware. I’m aware that a ’79′ is by no means a bad score. I’m aware that an 84 is ‘very good’. I’m aware a 94 is ‘excellent’. I’m aware ’100′ is fucking ridiculous to give out. Especially the absolute wild proportion of ‘perfect scores’ that are now given out they have become akin to a university degree. Everyone’s got one so they’re worthless. What I do want you to take note, however, is that there is still more than a ten point gap no matter which game you compare with Mass Effect 2. Oh and this is just game journalist’s scores, I don’t even want to look at the user scores.

So this is my fear. That Mass Effect 3, to be utterly blatant, will suck. It’s probably a misplaced fear but it’s not one completely without ill-found evidence. I’ve been a BioWare-er(?) for quite some time and I have found their games to both offer utterly brilliant and artistically relevant works but also the worst that the medium has to offer. Dragon Age 2 was a shambles of a video-game; “cinematic gameplay”, nonsense protagonist design and a writer who hates interactivity (EDITlink to actual interview is… down too… hmm) . I’m not sure I can completely trust BioWare to do the same thing.

Fool me once, shame on me.

Fool me twice, shame on you.

After hearing that Mass Effect 3 will include a section where Shepard has to go to Mars to find Prothean data and- isn’t Mars like… a spaceclick away from Earth which is being invaded by the motherfucking Reapers?- unlock the secret to defeating the Protheans. As we heard, they came close to finding a way to defeat the Reapers and… wait. Are we seriously going to have a fucking ‘Reaper gun’? Or a ‘Reaper bomb’? This incredibly emotional, intense and science-fictionally rich universe is all going to be saved by a goddamn deus ex machina? A ‘nuke the fridge’? I’m pulling at loose ends here, I know, but I haven’t read the leaked script for the game. I am merely guessing that the ‘great victory’ of the Galaxy will not be a massive outpouring of life. It will not be our friends dying in our arms or sacrifices made or anything emotionally involving but rather something backwards. Something to smash any potential for something interesting…

A compromise.

Now that has me scared.
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