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Honoring The Fallen In XCOM Enemy Unknown


To pretty much everyone he was known as Jerry Seinfeld. But to his fellow soldiers he was known only as “Gonzo”. He had earned that name for his fearless action on the battlefield. As an assault soldier it was his job to lead the charge and he never backed down. He didn’t take the time to think about the inevitable future he faced. That future came during “Operation Patient Law”.

The enemy was playing hide and seek in the Subway system somewhere in Europe and it was XCOM’s job to bring their game to an end. The four man team set out with Seinfeld at the helm. He was the most seasoned soldier on the battlefield and he was deadlier than any two soldiers combined.

The mission started out as normal, moving along slow and steady flushing out the enemy and destroying them as they showed up. Most members of the team had taken some damage up to this point but it was nothing too crucial and it looked as though they were about to finish things up before heading home.

There was one lone enemy hidden a subway car and the commander decided he wanted this alien brought in alive. This would have been child’s play were it not for the group of three Mutons that had been hiding in the back corner of the subway.

As “Gonzo” moved forward to stun the lone Sectoid it was already too late. His positioning left him with no cover and three enemies bearing down on him. It took all three Mutons working together but in the end it did not matter. Jerry “Gonzo” Seinfeld was dead.

From this moment on the mission was not about capturing or defeating the enemy. It was about revenge. The remaining members of the XCom squad set to work and in cold precision finished off every last enemy. Upon returning to the base the victory felt shallow it had everyone including me as their commander wondering what we were fighting for.

Seeing Seinfeld’s name on the memorial quickly answered that question. We were fighting for him and all of the others who had joined him on the wall. Lt. Bill Dozer, Rk. William Wallace, and Sgt. Kofi Kingston were also on the wall. The list of names is still growing but there are still those brave men and women who fight for everyone on that wall.

Brave soldiers such as Danica Patrick, Gwen Stefani, and Taylor Swift will continue to lead the charge against the alien invasion. It is more likely than not that some if not all of them will end up on the memorial. When that day comes we will listen to the bag pipes and mourn there loss. Then a new group of soldiers will step up to the line because we are the world’s last hope. We are XCOM.[/img]
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