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T-minus a couple of days until Ace Combat 7.


Played the RE2 demo over the weekend. The game's going to be amazing, but was slightly disappointed there was no dramatic voice over on the title screen that went "Resident Evil...TWOOO...".


Had a terrible day at work yesterday and was dreading today, but came across the final boss theme to the epilogue of P3 that I haven't even played yet and I feel like I can take on anything. That's the power of Persona, I guess.


It's quite an odd sensation to have such a chill song stuck in your head during a super busy day at work.


Just found out that if you preorder Ace Combat 7 on PS4, you get Ace Combat 5 digitally for free. That's a damn good way to get my preorder.


Holy shit, Ace Combat 7 comes out next week and then RE2: Remake the week after that? That is a VERY solid gaming forecast.


I'm still in awe of how good of a battle theme "Blooming Villain" is in Persona 5. Just everything about it, especially when the lead guitar of the chorus comes soaring in and the tempo changes.


Happy Friday. Also, NYAAH.


My 2019 gaming resolution: not be so stingy with my free time. I always feel like I need to be in the right mood to play any given game, when I need to just sit down and do it. On that note, I need to finish Persona 5. Relevant...


Haven't been nearly as active on Dtoid the past year, but just know that I like being able to come here and interact with y'all to escape daily life. Here's to a great 2019 for everyone.


*sip* Well I'm beat, time to go home! " just got he-" HEY MY GUTS WENT UP! "thefuckishetalkingabout"


Merry Kosmas, ya filthy beasts! <3


It's nearly that time...


After 6 years of playing it on and off, I'm finally on the path to getting the true ending and beating Persona 3. Pretty surreal that I started it up again when it's Christmas in-game. Wish me luck.


I think I've been granted eyes on the inside. Some envelopes I have to scan at work have 3 letter codes on the barcode and some are Bloodborne related. BOM (Blades of Mercy), BLB (Bloodletting Beast), and BSB (Blood-starved Beast). I'm freaking out.


Back in 2012, Persona 3 and 4 basically reinvigorated my love for games, and all those feelings came flooding back after sitting down to play the P3 dancing game last night and listening to the opening song. Actually got a little choked up.


Was out today and decided to get myself a little reward for my success at work, plus I'm a fool (ha) for snazzy packaging.


Foggy af out. Couldn't resist listening to this on my drive home from work.


Bloodborne and The Old Hunters are both on sale now on PSN. One of my favorite trailers ever btw, and it's for a DLC expansion.


I too noticed something odd in Yoko Taro's tweet on Nier's Goty edition. Subtract the dates of each region's release. Feb. 23, Mar. 7, Mar. 10. 23-7-10=6. Minus 3, the number of platforms the games available. 6-3=3. Half-Life 3 confirmed.


Watched the Noclip documentary on Half-Life. Pretty good, but it makes me wish someone would make a doc solely about Kelly Bailey's work on the music and sound design of the series. Quintessential and timeless stuff.


Not the swaggiest franchise to talk about, but I've been playing through the Killzone series and have been having a blast. Played through all of KZ2 yesterday. Still a very, very solid game with a surprisingly excellent soundtrack.


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