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Some Fun Facts About NateT (My Late Introduction)

Game related:

First Videogame Love: The very first Starwars arcade game, the one with wireframe graphics.

I was just a kid but I loved this game. My heart still skips a beat when I think of it.

Favorite Multiplayer game of all time AvP 2

Honestly, I have not really been able to stick to a multiplayer game as long as I did this one. Game play was awesome and the community was great.

Favorite Single Player game: Bioshock

I can understand criticisms from the dedicated FPS’ers, but it was a thinking man’s (or woman’s) game, and I love exercising that muscle the most.

For some reason my kids love the Little Sisters and Big Daddies. Once by daughter looked up at me and asked “Why are you killing Mr. Bubbles Daddy?”


I was a dedicated WoW PvPer from release, but the arenas slowly killed my enthusiasm for the game. Perhaps I was weird but I loved the battlegrounds because of the game play and the strategic elements in it.

Non-game related

Married w/ Children

Work as a freelance Market/Strategy analyst. Looking for more stable work.

Love to Cook

Lived in China (Beijing and Nanjing) as well as Taiwan for three years. Speak Chinese.

Someone once offered me bull penis soup (I am not kidding, I saw the unit in the pot) when I was in Taiwan. Although I had a rule that I would try anything once, I hit my limit then.

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About NateTone of us since 2:45 PM on 03.13.2009

I am just a guy with job that is looking for something better, with a wife and kids who I love.

I am also a total Bioshock fanboy, I love the game, but I love the philosophical critiques even more. In short, it is a thinking person's game if you want it to be.
Xbox LIVE:card.mygamercard.net/aero/Hiriri.png


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