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Quick Tip: Saving Face


Were you the kid that made the ugliest pieces in art class? I was. Crafting true visual beauty has always escaped me. Including in the custom face makers in games like Fallout 3 and Mass Effect 2.

Having used the default male Sheperd for my first Mass Effect 2 run, I wanted to customized female Sheperd for my second. But creating a decent looking face eluded me. I went through 4 or five different faces, trying them out in game and each one was just butt ugly. I did not want beautiful or hawt, just something that had not crawled out of the bottom of the genetic bucket.

So this is for the art impared, like me.

Quick tip: If you want it make a decent looking character with a face maker it helps to have a model.

I was (and still am) watching Sword Stained with Royal Blood, a great Wuxia TV series from China I was able to get off Netflix. I picked the female lead Huang Shengyi:

and another favorite Chinese actress Lui Yifei.

I then printed out a few pictures of them, and used them to model my female Sheperd. Although my final face did not look explicitly like these two ladies (I needed help on noses, cheeks, and jaws, plus I wanted a more Eurasian Sheperd), but my end results were a lot better.
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