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So You Want to be a Game Developer (Part 2)

More face palming ensues. When we last left our plucky developer, he was being assaulted by game engines! A important issue you have to deal with in the development of the any game is the all important game engine and its a tricky one to ...


So You Want to be a Game Developer

First a Facpalm, Then a preface My friends are all knowledgeable about gaming and we all have a tech background. Some more than others, but we are a group of programmers, graphic artists, writers and mostly in the CIS/IT field. /Preface ...


About Natakouone of us since 3:25 AM on 02.04.2008

Hi Everyone,

So the main reason I wanted to start this blog was to chronicle my stumbling through trying to make a game. It's hard, annoying and I am big on writing. Which means it's time to sooth the soul by getting my gripes on paper.

I come from Poland, but I imagrated here when I was 7. I have come to live in South Amboy, New Jersey. I do work mostly in the tech industry. I enjoy a job as a datacenter NOC where I do pretty much nothing. Tho thanks to the internet connection there is never any shortage of stuff to do.

I have owned many consoles, and still do, mostly having to do with me being pack rat. But my main love is my pc. I'm on the go a lot so pc gaming is the most convenient. Tho thanks to this i have a pretty bad MMO habit on eve-online, heh. Otherwise I'm a big fan of rpg's, fighters and shoot em' ups but ill try anything once.

My Consoles:
Many Gameboys,Gba's,Ds's

Most of those I came into possession of after I got my ps2, I paid a pretty penny for the Saturn stuff. I don't own a genesis but since the proliferation of emulation I don't see a reason to own one unless I come across a sweet collection I can pick up all at once.