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Something a little bit laid back this Saturday. Here are some quick sketches from all the way back in 2019! Enjoy the little doodles and color palette notes!


Something a bit different this Saturday; Here is a quick little sketch for some mini-bosses later on in Belle Boomerang! It's a little out of my comfort zone to show pieces less "polished", but I just knew I had to share these friends!


A portion of Belle Boomerang's level map. Enjoy the forests, waterfalls and haunted structures to explore! Happy Screenshot Saturday!


What do you think of this botanical friend? This is one of Belle Boomerang's earlier boss fights; Keep your wits about you as you dodge plants, squids, and bubbles alike! Happy Screenshot Saturday!


Belle Boomerang is now on Steam! Wishlist and help spread the word around: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1632170/Belle%20 Also, follow me right here on Destructoid for continued Screenshot Saturdays!


#screenshotsaturday A little preview of the backstage in Belle Boomerang! Follow the game over here: gamejolt.com/games/belle/419352


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