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Warning: Spoilers, sarcasm, and foul language ahead.

I died the first time on the tutorial, and then three more times before beating the intro.

Goodbye undead. Hello jedi, these are your end of days. Explore them well, take your time and look around, scan things, take screenshots. In Fallen Order, you’ll explore a few planets looking for contacts and artifacts as you quest to reconnect with your past and fight for your future.

The game is short, and if you don't care for exploration or combat, it goes by in less than 20 hrs, I bet you can speed run in under 15, maybe 10. The game's length explains the limited force powers and few lightsaber techniques to unlock, there aren’t a whole lot of different enemies either, but it’s just enough to provide variety, and maybe a second playthrough, even though you can keep exploring after you complete the main quest. Some people will say that the game isn't long enough and that's a negative, it's no Dark Souls, but that's not a negative thing. The want of more and a short, well-thought-out adventure with fun combat is a positive, especially if free time is a luxury for you. If you consider yourself casual hardcore, like I do, then this game is for you. Some times something short, quick, and fulfilling is all you need.

Your time is not long, but there’s plenty to explore, and that’s its own reward. For sure it isn’t the loot, which is one of the faults of the game, you’ll often get the same item multiple times instead of unlocking a new one when you find a new crate, even replenishing one health stim would of solved this problem. Unless you’re in it for the vistas, options are limited, which is sad, but understandable. You can customize your lightsaber and change outfits to a degree, but it would of been nice to open a hard to reach crate and find shoes, pants, gloves, glasses, hats, etc, cough cough, hair styles. This would of made some of the exploration feel satisfying on a deeper level. Though I do like my pink ass pancho and matching saber and BD. Mr. Look-at-me.

The story is well written, except for your character’s lines are a bit weak, but well acted by homeboy from Shameless, wish they went with the “Gay Jesus” look instead of this weird ass hair with good physics. The supporting cast really shines though. As for a Star Wars game, out of all the previous Star Wars games, this has been the best one since KOTOR, Unleashed was cool and all, but very surface. In Fallen Order, you don't play an overpowered clone, your character is a former padawan that’s been hiding since Order 66. In that time, you have forgotten your training and lost your connection to the force, or some shit, and as you fight the Empire, your connection to the force grows stronger as you remember your past and this unlocks your force powers, of which double jump, wall run, and pull should of been the first three you get, and in that order. The platforming almost requires this to keep the pace of the game consistent and balance the exploration loop, both are incomplete, but with the combat, they feel whole, a little rough, but I like it that way. Things even spice up a bit later in the game when bounty hunters appear after meditating, fun little skirmishes that have little consequence. If the game had a nemesis system it would have added to the pressure of being hunted by the Empire and the Inquisitors, or if I lost all my exp, that would of hurt.

Playing on Jedi Grand Master is for sadists and purest, for sure. I went full saber tree first, a force power main would have been much easier as most enemies can be pushed off things or out ran, the only one enemy that actually chased and surprised me was a dead witch on Dathomir, bitch jumped from platform to platform chasing me, lol, good times. Other than that, the hardest enemies are the bosses, then some of the larger fauna, the spiders are the most annoying, but all the humanoids aren't really a challenge until they start to over run and box you in, don't get boxed in, control the crowds.

The Jedi Grand Master combat is brutal. Learn to parry. During combat, you’ll want to take advantage of your space and surroundings, use walls to cut off paths or find ways to gain the advantage. You can do this by platforming your way up to get the jump on foes or watch their animation and attack loops and find the windows to attack.

What works best for me (besides parrying (see a theme here)) is hitting each enemy once, starting with the closest and separating them to do a combo and evading to the next target, spacing them out. When you do get surrounded, I found it best that you don’t lock on to a target, but instead plan your next strike to stop the attacking animation of your closest enemy and set up a parry (if your using force powers and have Repulse, you won't have this problem, add Mass Push and Precision Evade, and you're pretty untouchable early on).

Parrying doesn’t require a lock and you can get good enough to parry your way through a mob making the whole thing really cinematic. The target lock is occasionally useful, but has too short of range for my liking. Learn your attack animations, it matters where the lightsaber attacks from and the path the lightsaber follows to make a hit.

To be fair, the reaction time from button to animation takes a bit of patience, it’s not instant, so space and timing require precision and care, don’t button mash, line up your strikes and hold block after deflecting fire. The response is there, but I wish it was just a little bit quicker. To make life easier, look for BD’s upgrades, having hacked droids comes in handy at the end and will help you fight large groups. Try to have your tech tree and upgrades finished by Ilum. Scan enemies and read their intel, as it will tell you how to defeat most. (Designer note: to increase points of interaction for BD, the intel from scanned enemies should not reveal everything about the enemy at once, but require multiple scans to reveal the weakness and history of an enemy)

Occasional frame issues and camera problems in tight or enclosed spaces also add to the stumble and accidental deaths, keep this in mind when jumping, climbing, or letting go to reach lower platforms. Some platforms also look like you could jump to them and grab, but you’ll just slide off and most likely die (also make sure you close Steam and other apps or else you might get a keyboard pop up or something, and die).

Since I favored the lightsaber over force powers, groups were the hardest to deal with at first and I had to attack from above and parry my closest incoming attack then roll away or evade as the animation ended or attempt another quick parry as to not get hit, the double bladed lightsaber helped with this as its quick strikes and greater range let me hit many targets at once. On Jedi Grand Master difficulty, anything and everything can kill you in a 1 or 2 hits for most of the game, so it's best to stop the attacking animation of as many enemies at once while circling around them, it’ll be frustrating, but eventually, you will slice your way through mobs and it will be one of the most satisfying experiences the game offers.

Get the double bladed lightsaber early and learn to reflect shots, it can reflect more attacks at once than your default lightsaber, it's not as strong as a single blade, but it's good for wearing down the defenses of bosses. The fact that it can hit everyone around you is clutch and the higher dps plus the defense is worth the trip to Dathomir (shit, while you're there, you can farm up and practice your parry). It’s late-game split saber attack is also incredible strong, you’ll get it on Ilum, an icy planet rich in kyber crystals. It would of been dope ass fuck to find the different color kyber crystals in different caves instead of just finding one that unlocks all, imagine a cave full of magenta crystals, it wouldn’t have taken much, and it would deepened the immersion this game offers, the music and sound really hit the mark, but the game design needed a little more to feel rewarding. The combat does shine, but isn't incorporated much into the platforming to pull of a seemless transition. I wish on the ship there was a horder mode where I could practice my lightsaber skills, wait, that's the one with Professor X.


Cal crying over broken windows.


When fighting Second Sister for the last time. you can run in through the door and push her and run back behind the door before it closes. If you did it right, Second Sister will chase you to the door but not cross the line, she’ll just keep attacking up to the line, but watch out for her nova attacks after she flips in the air, you’ll need to jedi flip over it. From here you can safely widdle down her health and jump in to finish her off. Careful not to kill her behind the line or the game won't progress. 

Overall, pretty freaking difficult, but worth it. You might spend hours on one boss only to beat it effortlessly the next day. That's the beauty of it, flawed, but meaningful. I recommend this game on Jedi Grand Master Difficulty if you are a souls vet or a sadist, it's honestly not that hard in the end and if you consider yourself a real jedi, it's the only way. Like any souls games, and most modern martial arts, know your opponent first, because the art is in the counter. Out smarting the ai is fun, but countering everystrike with glowing slashes that cut off limbs, deflecting lasers that kill the shooter, redirecting rockets, and doing it all while wearing a pink ass pancho, that's some jedi shit... you'll just die alot until you can pull all that off like in the movies, but it's there, it is there. There's heart and souls in this game, and for a Star Wars fan, it's a must play.

FEELS: 4/5
LOOKS: 5/5
TOUCH: 4/5
TASTE: 5/5



TL;DR: My jedi likes to parry all the time or die, revive, and learn the ways of the force.


- The gods made guns to make men equal. -Narco Proverb

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