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I woke up today to peak immunity from COVID! It's time to make plans with the friends I remember being real.


My arm the day after I received my second vaccine.


A very Happy Birthday to you, Occams! Here is a book recommendation that is very "you."


Your boy got his first shot! Can't wait to see the homies again when this is all over.


Got a vaccine appointment for this week because pharmacies are now seeing people with underlying conditions!


Who here loves vinyl? My partner got this for me because of Valentine's Day. It just came from the UK.


#womantoid These two absolutely deserve their own spinoff game. Their movesets in DMC4 are spectacular.


Nintendo Direct predictions: At least one person will be happy, and at least one person disappointed.


You know what I miss from the SNES/Genesis days? Unique titles from the same series. I loved the differences between the 16-bit Castlevanias, Contras, Batman Animated Series, TMNT, Tiny Toons, etc. It's a lost art nowadays.


Happy Birthday, Wes! Have some barbacoa tacos!


Happy merry birthday, Julc3! Sending you pink hedgehog love!


Any KoF fans in the house that are ready for this reveal?!


A very happy birthday to you, Chris! I can feel the excitement in the air already.


My partner and I voted. We did our civic duty and you should, too!


Why did Toys for Bob give Tawna a dump truck of a booty? I'm not a furry; I'm just asking a question.


Anyone make it to the end of a level in Crash 4 with one box missing and immediately want to curl up into a ball and die?


I saw "How do I get the Wing Cap in Super Mario 64?" trending and I am really wondering what year it is.


Hey, I was 15 years old when I first played THPS2 on the PS1! HAHA! *turns to dust*


New Yorker here. Have to work from home for the foreseeable future. Scary times.


Let's not let the crushes just be ladies. Here's my man crush:


Celebrity crushes, from number one to number four:


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