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Kid Icarus...

...with a keyboard?

Well, it's worth a shot, right? I downloaded ConsoleClassix just for the heck of it, and started up Kid Icarus. I started going through the first stage like I normally would. Kill some snakes, get some hearts, and go into the room that has no purpose.

Seriously, does this room have a purpose? Anyway, I get up to the part with the flying eyeball-tentacle things, and this is where it gets tough. Keep in mind that I'm playing with the arrow keys.

This grim reaper thing really pisses me off.

What? I'm dead? How?

Alright, let's start over. Kill some snakes, get some hearts...

Let's go right this time, to the "secret path". Aha! Teleported to the other side of the screen. Now that nasty Grim Reaper can't get to me.

Alright, here it comes! The room everybody hates!


Dead again.

The keyboard controls really suck. My right hand controls movement, while my left hand shoots and jumps, how awkward is that? I'm done with platformers, let's try Final Fantasy...
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