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Assassins Creed is 100% finished. Now it even has Multiplayer!

This game is so 100% ready to go that it even has a multiplayer option. Well... you are your own multiplayer. It really shows just how amazing Jade Raymond is making this game all by herself.

Just Remember Jade Raymond made this game all by her Jade Raymond self in a Jade Raymondtastic way.

OK. I am not just picking apart a few glitches in a game. I am picking apart a game that was delayed for many months to be perfected and got slammed out for the holidays. You the consumer pay the price when these things happen. Since Jade Raymond seems to be the only person that made this game, and not a really talented staff of tons of people, I think I should give her credit for all of her hard work. Before you slam me wondering why I am giving Jade so much shit, it is because I am so tired of the PR bullshit behind this game. Gamers suffer because of this. Talented artists and programmers don't get the recognition that they deserve, and web sites like Gamepro, give it BS reviews because they know, that this game had an ad budget, and that commercials and print media, would attach "5 out of 5 ...Gamepro" to the media blitz. This shit needs to stop. This fucked up the entire industry years ago and its happening again.
Finish games you start and reviewers be honest!
People count on you and it sucks when you fuck a stranger in the ass.

[Thanks Pedro for the video]
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