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About NO HEROone of us since 4:26 PM on 06.13.2009

My first memory was being handed an Atari controller at the age of two and playing Combat with my dad. Since then Gaming has been a lifelong oasis to the world's pressures. In elementary and High school I was the kid with every single system, and had all the best games. Most of my social contact in those early years consisted of going over to friends' houses or inviting them over to mine and passing off the controller while playing whatever game we had available in our basements. No sports for us, no way.

Music has also been a parallel life obsession to video games. Both were used as a sanctuary against the rough social years in high school, and in the last few years I've been able to parlay my love of music into a burgeoning music career. I am now a professional drummer with fifteen years experience, and am now currently playing in three bands in Toronto, and slowly making gains in Canada's music industry. I am known mostly amongst my musician's circle as that awesome lefty Asian drummer guy and also the dude who always has his DS with him, whether Im playing a show in a bar or am outdoor festival to tens of thousands of people. :)

These two parallel obsessions of gaming and music define my life. While I am not interested in pursuing a career in Gaming like I am music, I find myself drawn more and more to write and blog and pontificate about Gaming as my music career gets more serious. Let's face it, you do something long enough for the love of it and if your good enough it will soon turn into work. Music, which was once purely recreational is now turning into some business.

Which brings me to the purpose of this blog. The blog is intended as an outlet for pouring my recreational love of Gaming into a material form. Whether you read it or not, that's your choice. My purpose with this blog is to write about what I feel about Gaming and hopefully entertain you along the way.

So enjoy, or don't enjoy. I'll still be here tapping away at my keyboard between rehearsals and shows.