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Elder Scrolls V Skyrim CE is a Rip Off

If anyone has the right to charge more than 59.99 for a game it's probably Bethesda with it's Fallout & Elder Scrolls series being so robust and complex. As base single player games by themselves you get 100's of hours of play time depending on paths you choose and the arcs you replay with various choices. Having said that I can't seem to stomach this 149.99 CE being so lacking in actual content.

Off the bat you can take away the Map as it's a pre order bonus, not CE content. What you have left is a cardboard sleeve with soundtrack, making of DVD, and nice art book... A 79.99 to 89.99 value at best. Leaving the Dragon statue costing you about 70 to 60 bucks, no thanks Bethesda. Take a nod from Gears of War 3, you get everything Bethesda's offering and more with a flippin flag, diaries, exclusive DLC, actual COG necklace etc. along with more Robust packaging.

Even Catherine's CE package at 79.99 is better than Skyrim's CE in my opinion. Sure it's not nearly as good of a game but it comes with lots of in game fluff that i'll enjoy staring at for years to come on my nerd shelves. Regardless if you're going to offer a 149.99 CE at least give us a non statue esc option for 79.99; sure you can say if you don't want it don't buy it... i'm a huge huge Elder Scrolls fan and I really want all they have to offer when it comes to retail products. But you can't really deny this product isn't worth 149.99 in its current state.

Right now I have the regular edition of Skyrim pre-ordered on amazon for 54.99 so until we get more content i'll likely stick with that and just nab up a CE when it goes cheap a month or two down the road *Looks at Mortal Combat CE*

Three things off the top of my head that would make me reconsider my stance on Purchasing a console CE version at least:

1) Include a Digital Copy of the PC version (I know it'll never happen for various reasons but it'd help) or a code for the first DLC release free to CE buyers.

2) Dragon Shout Dictionary, yep I want to teach myself fuckin Dragon shouts.

3) Exclusive CE Skyrim Horse Armor

That's right, give me Exclusive CE Horse Armor! If anything had me feeling okay about being ripped off this generation it was the oddly worthless and expensive but also hilarious in game Horse Armor Oblivion added. Keep the joke running and i'll be okay with paying a premium :D

Make it happen Bethesda.
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