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About MyquiHone of us since 8:11 PM on 05.23.2008

Myqui is Mikey... just your average nerd.

My Games:
+ RPGs (tactical RPGs, action RPGs, old-skool RPGs, JRPGs...)
+ Adventure games (not Myst... LucasArts/SCUMM... Infocom... uhhh... some others)
+ FPS with a @@#*$#*%%# story (Half-life 2, Bioshock, not really Halo thanks...)

My Platforms:
+ 360 (I luff you)
+ PC (I luff you, too, even though no one else does)
+ DS (I want to luff you, but still no _great_ games for it yet)
+ PS3/PS2 (Still no goodness for PS3... PS2 roxxor w/ JRPGs though)
+ Sleeping (I really like sleeping)

Call me.